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1. Money from Google Adsense
Adsense is a program  offered by  google to websites owners . Your role is to allow ads on you blog and get paid when people click on these ads. They are many companies that offer pay per click programs but adsense is the best as the pay outs are high .
You can use PPC programs that are adsense friendly to maximize your earning such as  www.chitika.com

2. Money from Selling ebooks
You make your blog a book store by selling ebooks. You can write yours and sell or sell ebooks from amazon.  The choice of ebooks you market depends on the type of website/blog you own. For example a celebrity blog can sell ebooks about  modelling,marriage and more. A  tech blog can sell books on designing, programming etc. So look at you blog and see the type of ebooks you will like to sell if you are interested. you can also contact me if you need more information.

3.  Selling softwares
This is a great way to make money on blogs . Mnay people need sotfwares  and apps.Avantage is a good site to get softwares to market if you think designing yours will watse time.

4. Advertisements
Your blog is like a radio station or a tv channel. You can advertise others blogs, products on your site. There are several forms the ads can take such as featured ads, featured post ,text ads and banner ads  of various sizes.

6. Writing reviews
A good number of products exist out there that people dont have enough information about . Writing a review creates awareness as well as give the consumers confidence on what they are consuming . This is a great way to make money with your blog. Some blogs are focus only on writong reviews. The most popular products today are weigh loss products, suppliments and adult products. 

7. Offer services
As a blogger you should have a service  or product that you can offer to your visitors.  What can you offer to yoiur website vistor if you meet him/her ?
Happy blogging

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  1. Good post sir. I was just blogging for leisure. I think I will try to make money with my blog. I will bookmark your blog so that I can get all updates. How did you make does pages at the top of your blog?

  2. Thanks for the information..It is very inspiring.I have been working from home and I am into reselling business with Goresellers.com wherein I sell the web services.I have a considerable number of customers and since they keep renewing the services either monthly or annually I get paid for each sale.So, I thought of spending my time to earn through other online ways.Luckily,came across your post.

  3. Thank you all for the comments. Wish you the best in your make money online adventure. I am always there to give you the support you deserve to my best


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