After 1995 (The year of internet connectivity in Africa) Most Africans tend to join the western countries in cyber crime. This led to many of them being arrested. Today the situation had change but many still have those memories which make the online transaction slightly difficult between African countries and other countries. I believe the time to think differently is now.

Are you a Cameroonian making illegal money online? You just made an error that is worth a lot of money. Once you deceive someone to get some money , it will never last. Your conscience can beat you to dead while your opportunities will be limited to the world. Nothing will be done to create a better future. Scamming simply make people lost trust in our country.

The only way to regain this lost trust is by bringing creative ideas online that will lead to a stable income. Today some services are not offered in Cameroon because of the many scamming methods that use to exist in the past.

If you can put those creative ideas into reality by exploiting the online world then you can just be the next billionaire online. Ok enough. Am simply saying as a Cameroonian you can earn a stable income online. Am not a guru but simply your friend. Its time to make the latest generation of billionaires. This can be done through change which is the only permanent thing in life.

while I keep writing on ways to earn online, many had been telling the unavailability of PayPal discourages them from engaging in online marketing. Yes that's true but you should not give up.

While you are thinking of starting an online business, avoid get rich quick schemes and time consuming programs like paid -to -click programs paid to read .

It is by avoiding dubious means of earning that will foster the use of the internet to make real cash. I am convinced that with the knowledge Cameroonians have, they can build and promote the greatest business online. Join the fast growing online business. contact me if you have any doubts. You can start a business that will help generations
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