MY Advertisement Pay (MAPs)

Commonly referred to as MAP, My advertisement pay is a Paid-to click program that allows people to get money by clicking adds.
My advertisement pays , founded in 2014 by CEO Michael Deese is the latest PTC program in 2014 and had been reported to have paid thousands of dollars to members . The company is based in the US with about 21000 registered members for the moment..

How Does MAPs Work
People are on Map to make money or to advertise. To get money on MAPs, you must be a registered member . After signing up you need on time subscription fee of 25dollars and at least one add pack .You can advertise as a member or as a Customer.

Making money on MAPs
Referral Program: Members of MAP have referral links which they can use to get more members to MAP. They are being rewarded a sum of 5dollars each time a member purchase an add pack. Also to enjoy the referrals commission, members must be active. To maintain activity members must click 10 adds daily.

Some members had make millions of dollars using this program such as Simon ..... who is toping the board on MAP with the highest number of referral .

Ad Packs
People on MAPs get money by buying add pack When you buy an add pack, you make money each time you buy an add pack which last for 30days. You can repurchase with what you have in your current account

What make MAPs Special
Every memeber have an opportunity to advertise his or her personla business on MAP. Many people have testified on how the got sign up on empowerment network,Karatbars and so many other MLM program.

As an active member, you can advertise using your advertisement credit or by buying advertisement to advertise other businesses

New members can try using MAPs for free (30 days trial period)


Some of the weak points of MAPs are:
MAP has just One payment method for now (STP).This makes the payment process a little expensive. Payment is untimely which makes some members uncomfortable.

Payment takes too long.
With MAPs you need to be patient when you want to withdraw money. However the sure thing is it will be deposited into your account.

Members must buy vacation time if they will not be available to click add even for a day. Members must be active everyday. If you don't click on your adds everyday you will not take part in the profit sharing .

The VX payment is not available in all countries

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