Optimizing Adsense for Adsense Publishers
After the  Google Fusion table course, Google has launched  a course titled ''Optimizing Adsense''
The course has as main objectives to educate Adsense publishers to'
*Know what actually lead to earning as a publisher
* know Strategies for boosting RPM and
* How to improve click through rates,add targeting and coverage.

The course is believed to be the eye opener to new/existing adsense  publishers as it cut through aspects that publishers can do to improve their revenue with adsense as well as other ways of earning  as a google publisher.
Overview of the Course
The course is divided into three sections( Introduction and conclusion not included) with Every unit having an activity to test you understanding of the lesson.
        Chapter one  opens up with the explanation of terms  such as CPC,CPM,RPM, CPE and Active View CPM as seen in the adsense account. This chapter further explains the various add types available for a publisher and the best available.Still in Chapter one, Various Adsense Ad sizes are explained .               Publishers are able to know the standard ad sizes,best performance ad sizes as well as custom ad sizes.      The chapter then concludes with the various ways of blocking ads , creating custom channels and perfomimg  the A/B test in the experiment section of the adsense account  to increase earnings.
         Chapter two gives details on understanding the terms explained in chapter one with the introduction of terms like CTR and how they are calculated. It further help the learner to understand where to place ads as well as commom mistakes to avoid. This chapter also explain how publishers can make their ads user friendly and attractive.
                 Chapter three points out clearly what impressions,ad request and views are in the adsense context. It  also gives the relationship that exist between the publisher,advertiser and user. it further explains  the three ways of add targeting and ways ad coverage.This chapter ends with ways to test page speed and improve page speed  . it gives the learner the meaning of crawler errors and how to handle them.

                                      Featuring in the course
The Optimizing adsense course had a good number of resources to foster the teaching- leaning transaction such as :Videos, step by step video tutorials, lessons in pdfs and additional resources on the Adsense blog for clarification. Learner also  interact throught the forum which enable interaction
         I personaly saw this course as a course that does not only teach publishers how to increase their earning but  also points out the  role of publishers in  the Google Display Network (GDN). I encourage all publishers to take this course as it summarizes the challenges and advantages in the ''Adsense world''

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