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The computer age is here. You can be what you want to be, thanks to the internet. They are billions of resources online to make you achieve your dreams, provided you are ready. I will like to introduce you all to the best online learning site.

You might had heard of ALISON online courses. ALISON is an acronym which stands for Advance Learning Interactive System Online.

ALISON was founded in 2007 by Mike Feederick in Ireland .The primary objective was to enable people gain basic education and basic skills. ALISON is the number one site in the world today that offers quality online education to everyone in the world for free. ALISON recorded the 3millionth learners in February 2014. This is why it is important for everyone to know about ALISON.
Who are the publishers of ALISON courses?
Alison courses are provided by top instructors,uinversities lecturers,professors from various universities and companies around the world. Google uses ALISON as a means to educate people about their services.

What makes Alison special?
At Alison, all publishers provide their content for free.

The learner don't need to pay for a course. Learner learn for free.

For the moment, ALISON provides over 600 courses to learners across the world in ten languages.

Alison offers paid certifictates and Diplomats to those who are interested in getting certification . Yes you can get your knowledge for free if you dont need a certification. our are the one to request for certification.

While learning at alison you have a space where you can make note , save your learning resources and more.

Alison courses have duration from 2hours to 2o hours for now. The most popular course ON ALISON is ABC IT which provide basice computer knowledge to all.

At Alison, there is no time limit on completing a course, so learners can study entirely at their own pace.

ALISON is means of obtaining vocational education online.

Alison provide a forum where learners with common interest can interact through questions and answers.

ALISON is serving a good number of learners in the developing coutntries with India having the majority of learners since they offer free education

ALSION provide social interaction during learning by the use of facebook comments during leaning.

Alsion provide multiple methods to sign in such as Facebook,Google and Yahoo .

Alison certificate are recognised world wide.
What are people saying about ALSION?
some people have argued that Alison like onther e-learning websites has described the method as ineffective.

According to this school of taught,it is not the best method of providing educational impact . A reason advanced for this is that, there is no personal interaction between the learner and the teacher since most of the courses are not delivered live(recorded).

Another reason brought forward is that,this method of learning lead to a high dropout rate, since learners dont put in anything in terms of money.

Others say that ALISON does not provide incentive to its learners which make some learners to quit. As such you must be intrinsically motivated to study on Aison.

Alsion has provides a good business strategy to all. You can offer free services while making money. How are they doing it?

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