Upgrade  your PC  or Buy a new  One.

Microsoft thinks it is time for them to stop the support for user of Windows XP. Users of windows EXP had been receiving support from Microsoft for the next past 12years. Microsoft says it is over.
What is the reason for this?
Microsoft wants to invest their resources the latest technologies. The company however promises to provide the best to users of the new window 8.1 and other recent technologies.
 When will this start?
After the 8th of April 2014, there will be no technical assistance for windows XP users. You will not enjoy the following features on your PC.
-         No automatic updates to help protect your PC
-         You will not be able to have Microsoft Security Essentials for download on windows XP.  For those who had downloaded, it will not be of importance since there won’t be any updates.
How will this affect users of window XP?
Your computer will work. However you will be face with the following threats:
- Your computer will be vulnerable to security risk.                
 -You computer will be vulnerable to viruses.                                                                    -Recent applications (apps) will not work on your PC.                                                         
 - There is a possibility to change you PC. 
-You might need to buy a new PC if you’re your computer does not support the newer version of Windows.                                                       
   -Devices that will not work with window XP will not work on your computer.

What can I do to get protected?
1.     Microsoft is not closing up. Microsoft will provide support to the newer versions of windows such as window 7, window 8 and the latest versions window 8.1.  You can upgrade your PC. Note that not all PCs will be able to upgrade to the newer versions. Your Pc has to meet system requirements. How can I know if my pc meets the system requirements? Ok follow this link   verify my Pc for system requirements system requirements. If Your Pc meets the systems requirement, then you will be able to upgrade and enjoy the new features and total support from Microsoft.

2.      If you Pc does not meet the system requirement then and you still wants to enjoy Microsoft windows, then you should be thinking of getting a new PC.

3.     You can try another operating system to your windows PC. Note that it will not be a solution, it might work as well as it might not. So option one and two seem to be the best. They are a  good number of options which require some technical skills. You can contact a programmer in your area if you don't want to keep away your PC.
 What will happen to data in my windows XP PC?
When you have your new Pc you can move user profiles, files and setting using lap link to your new PC.  Your will be able to migrate data to PC running only in window 7, window 8 and window 8.1.
How will I benefit if I use the recent versions?
You will be able to get all the support you use to get when using windows XP, such as updates and even more. You will be able to enjoy a wide range of applications and devices on your PCs, androids, laptops and more.
           Hope you get a solution to continue enjoying the amazing products and services of Microsoft. 

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