This year mount Cameroon race of hope winner is Mbacha Eric for the men s category. Mbacha Eric is from the North West region of Cameroon. He did it in about  4hours 29seconds.
According to the winner this years race is really challenging. His challenge was with the Kenyans athletes.  He will be taking away the 10million FCFA today. A big shout out to Eric.
The second was
Mbacha Eric


          In the women's  category the first  lady is Ngalim Lizette  from Banso in the North West region of Cameroon.

She was followed by Yvonne Ngwanya.

Lizette Ngalim
Yvonne Nganyam
Tatah Carine ( a form 5 student)
Christabel Lejo
Nadesh Yinka

                 Why it is difficult to win the race of hope three times consecutively

We all know of the the Popular Mount Cameroon Race of  hope is.
Since Sarah Etongue was crowned the queen of the mountain, many have been waiting to see who will be crown the king of the mountain. This year we were all waiting for  the king. 
As usual the story ended up. This looks more of an impossibility as far as the mountain race is concern

 Many are asking why. We talk to the inhabitants of Buea town and they told us that, A ''foreigner '' cannot
be the king of the Mountain. According to them, the mountain has a king already who is the the paramount chief of Bakweri. It seem here some  spiritual forces are into play. we don't know how far this is true. Let us see how  this will end in the years ahead.
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