Ten fears that can destroy a great mind

A great mind need to be courageous.

We are in the world full of challenges. If you want to be industrious,   then you have be ready to avoid some basic fears. 
           Fear is a self imposed prison that prevents you from achieving what God has destined from you. For you to be a free man, you need to be free from fear. Fears are commonly known as –phobias.  They are hundreds of fears out there. I will mention the most important ones that can destroy a great mind.  If you have a special type of fear that you want to know about, send an email to ransbiz@live.com and for those who are interested in reading my e-book ‘’ Knowing the Real You’’ send you orders to ransbiz@live.com .

1.Atychiphobia  : Fear of failure
 This is the greatest fear that can destroy a great mind. Everyone is born to succeed. You need to be aware of that. If you have this afraid to fail you will end up failing because you have just changed from being success conscious to failure conscious. Of course the output is failure.   You are a success and not a failure stick to your dreams .Hey do you usually guess or think?  Guessing is a cause for failure.  You need to free yourself from fear, doubt and unbelief so as to enjoy the infinite intelligence in the inner you.
2. Chronophobia :  Fear of time and time moving forward
Yes forward ever backward never. This is the philosophy with time moves forward. You need not be afraid of time. All you need to do is set a target for all activities. It is the end that will tell.

3. Cyberphobia: Fear of computers and of learning new technologies
We are in the digital world and there is no   reason for being afraid of the computer or new technology. Take everything normal. Just think of the number of children given birth per day. Every minute people are trying something new. If you have this fear, you will end up being a failure. Avoid it. Say no to cyber phobia.
4. Decidophobia : Fear of making decisions
 As said by Napoleon Hill   ’’ You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul’’ Why should a master be afraid to take decisions? If you are called a master by nature then it means you can take the full responsibilities including the decision.  In knowing who you are you need to hold secret or imaginative meetings with those you love and take good decision.  
5. Disposophobia : Fear of getting rid of or losing things
        Recall that the law of conservation of matter states that matter cannot be created or destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. Money, houses, and more are all matter.  When you think of losing something, think of it as a transformation of matter. You will get it in return one day.  When my money is missing I say my money is transformed to the Bose- Einstein condensate state at absolute zero. When the temperature will be higher I will get more than enough
           You cannot get something from nothing or nothing from something. You can only get something from something. Y=f(x) In life why should not be zero or negative. OK enough math. Some people usually referred to this fear as compulsive hoarding. It is not very true.
6.Ergophobia : fear of work or functioning
                Hard work will lead to success. If you don’t want to be a failure in life then learn to avoid the fear of work. You have talents that you were born with to serve the entries of the set ‘’earth’’. Make sure you develop zeal to work. This will give jobs to job seekers, increase the income of those working. You can only get to work if you like to work or else you will be a disappointment to yourself. Kick this fear off and continue with your task in life.

7. Gelotophobia : fear of being laughed at
            If you are afraid that people will laugh at you, then you are already laughing at yourself.  Why are you afraid then? If you believe you are contented in what you are doing or what you want to do, I urge you to continue. The end will tell. Those laughing at you will tend to laugh with you. You are a success and your success must start from somewhere. It might just be where the  are laughing at you. If you have this fear in you, you have decided to become a failure ignorantly
8.  Necrophobia : fear of death and/or the dead
                  From dust we were made and from dust we shall return. Yes that’s it. We should not be afraid to return from where we originate.  I see no reason why a man of 3oyears should be thinking of death.
For you to die, you need to pass through the cycle of development from childhood   to adolescence to youth and to adult after which you age and die at an age not less than 75. You need to enjoy what is commonly referred to as the age of wisdom.
To me death is an energy transition of life from one form to another. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another.
                 Dead is also regarded as an eternal peaceful sleep. Everyone needs to sleep so why are you afraid to sleep? After working you need to sleep. Most of those who have this fear are also afraid of ill health, and of losing love. To overcome these fears have a desire in what you are doing.
9.Neophobia, or,  kainophobia :  fear of newness, novelty
This fear is very similar to the cyber phobia (3). We have to try new things, welcome new things, create new things and above all accept new things. This is step to using your sense of imagination.

10. Panphobia : fear of everything or constant fear of an unknown cause
 If you have read this post to the end, then you have just overcome the fear of everything. You know you can do everything and is willing to do everything rightly. Just keep up with the great step taken
  Note that success involve a chemical combination of some basics principles in life. The fears mentioned above constitute part of it. Make sure you stay updated with the   ‘’iffs’’ of failure coming soon on this blog.
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