Top Three    Used
 Most common used email accounts used in Cameroon.
Each email provider has in bracket the option use for chat. For example Hotmail(messenger) means with a hotmail email you can chat using messenger for free
1.     Yahoo mail (yahoo messenger):
These are emails  such as,  just to name but few.
This had been the most popular email provider in Cameroon  since 1995.
This was because with a yahoo id, you can enjoy the free chat on yahoo messenger  . This was a place where new friends were made online. I remember how  I used it back in high school
     Many Cameroonians today  especially the youths just create an email address  to have their face book profile. Most also complain that the chat rooms not available again on yahoo messenger. This had mad others to be crating Gmail, hotmail and other personal email accounts. However yahoo still stand as the number one email provider in  Cameroon.

2.    Gmail (hang out):
Gmail emails are those of the form .The usage of Gmail account in Cameroon is increasing sharply. Most people say it is very easy to create . This is a lot due to  the increasing use of androids  phones and tablets.  Many Google services too require a Gmail account. With the popularity and flexibility of Google services and features, many will like to try or use them. As such everyone is gradually having a Gmail account.  Few Cameroonians use the hangout option for chat. It is quite exciting to enjoy this feature. If you are using Gmail make sure you exploit all the features

3.    Hotmail (windows  messenger):  
    These are emails of the form, etc
Very few Cameroonians use  emails of this type. This is because of the popularity of the two mentioned above. They too got exciting features such as the sky drive to save you documents,  Messenger chat which you can connect your account to face book or Skype.
               Hey did you know you can send an email from yahoo, hotmail or Gmail to Facebook?
 Ok Facebook to provide email addresses. A good number of people don’t know their Facebook email addresses . i.e  Ok if you were not aware, I hope its good now. You can also give your email Facebook email to someone.  All of us are enjoying Facebook. Just to let you know of some of the hidden features.
                                  They are millions of emails used in the world .  if you can count the number of websites  or companies that  exist  that will give you the number of email types used. These  are business emails of the form .   This is exciting for  you as a company owner right? Ok you don’t need to own a website to have a business email. You can get one from Google right now. Just type .
“ how to get a business email ‘’on Google and register for one.

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