A good driver is expected to constantly check his/her rear mirror while driving, especially on a road with many lanes. A driver could get his/herself in a serious accident if he/she had to suddenly change a lane without looking into the rear mirror and making sure it’s clear BEHIND.

The word BEHIND/PAST is not irrelevant in every context in life. Just as a driver needs to constantly look into the rear mirror while driving, we have to constantly take stock of our past performances in order to ensure that we are moving towards the planned destination – be it in our personal or business affairs.

As we begin the year 2016, 25-45 Business Consulting SA (2545bc.com) wants to encourage everyone to evaluate their performance in 2015. The following (not exhaustive) questions could be helpful to the evaluation process:
a) Did you meet all your objectives in 2015?
b) Do you understand why you did not meet all the objectives?
c) What were your strong and weak points in 2015?
d) How many new customers did your business gain in 2015? How many customers did the business loose?
e) What actions must be taken going forward to ensure a better performance?
f) Etc etc etc.

Evaluating past performance is therefore necessary in shaping future performance. We do understand that sometimes the pressures of day to day business operations do not permit you to take a candid look at your past performance; this is where 25-45 Business Consulting SA could be of assistance to you and your business.

We have just finalized our 2015 performance evaluation at 25-45 Business Consulting SA and would like to share some of the key findings:
a) We noted that many small business owners appreciate the importance of business consultants but are under the impression that consultants are too expensive. Some of our clients have come to realize that this is not always the case.
b) Some investors jump without taking a look – in other words some investors invest in ventures based on ideas only. We encourage everyone to obtain a feasibility study or business plan for an idea before actually investing in the idea. Yes it would cost you a few thousands in FCFA to obtain a business plan but it could save you many millions in FCFA.
c) We noted that Planning/budgeting is not a strong point for some small businesses. Running a business without a proper plan/budget is like driving a car without looking at the road or flying a plane without a GPS. We do encourage everyone to spend some time to reflect and plan for 2016.
Author Bio
  Ngam Emmanuel is the operations Manager at 25-45 BC.
   25-45 Business Consulting SA is a proudly Cameroonian company that provides quality, innovative and technologically enhanced professional business consulting services (business development, finance training and construction management). Website: www.2545bc.com .

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  1. The latest research on business motivation shows that keeping employees motivated helps the company to achieve goals and gain more creative energy!

  2. The latest research on business motivation shows that keeping employees motivated helps the company to achieve goals and gain more creative energy!


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