Life With 4 Cats In 1 House  , By  Ashley Skinner.

 Do you love cat stories? Do you want to know how exciting cats are? Do you have anything you want to discover about cats? Let me introduce you to this writer Ashley Skinner. She will be writing about these four cats OJ, BUDDY, SPIKE and  RASCAL

This week it got was so cold that we decided to put OJ in my room at night with Spike & I & have Buddy in the utility room at least at night if she wanted in. This has been a bigger challenge than we thought, I'm losing sleep thanks to having 2 rowdy boys in my room (cats that is) & from sleeping on a sofa bed that's not very comfortable. Buddy has been very happy the last few days because she had a sunny window to lay in, food, water & a litter box whenever she wanted it & at times my family would stop & go give her a little attention til she got cranky & decided she was done with the cute black cat routine. Spike & OJ have decided it's so much more fun now that they're roommates than it ever was before when they were separated when the last person was ready to go to bed. Now they can play & wrestle whenever they feel like it which often is 3 a.m, 5 a.m 7 & 8 a.m or else I just doze off in between them demanding attention from me. The boys don't care that a human is trying to sleep, it's such fun to wrestle, rough & tumble & sneak attack each other & at times me that they have no concept of humans like to sleep at night when they work in the daytime & sometimes don't get home til late. OJ & Spike thanks to Rascal have discovered they can go up under the pull out bed & have their wrestling sessions in the couch while 1 is on the sofa bed & the other is in the couch. Then there's the fun of being able to climb all over the couch & then pounce on me or the other cat sometimes using me for a springboard to pounce on the other cat. Oh what fun it is when my feet are in danger because the boys see the slight little lumps under my blankets that resemble something to attack to them. I've actually got a few scars on my feet from cats attacking with claws through the comforter which by the way is only summer weight. My aching back & shoulders don't appreciate all the antics the boys have whenever they feel it's play time. They have the idea that if they're awake I should be too. If OJ wants me to pet him in the middle of the night when normal people who work daytime hours should be sleeping he'll start tap tap tapping getting firmer on my nose or any other facial body part that might be sticking out from under my blanket until I rub his head a little til he's ready to settle down again. If my back is turned he'll do the same tap tap tapping on the back of my head, I learned the hard way the first night that if I put my hair up in a bun & go to bed like that don't leave my fuzzy pony tail thing wrapped around my head because if I turn my back OJ will have fun trying to chew on it & bat at it. I can't wait til either I get a super thick foam mattress pad, or Spring comes & Buddy can stay outside all the time which means maybe OJ can sleep somewhere else or perhaps if I get really lucky somebody will help my family get me a good twin bed frame & mattress set for my room & maybe just maybe if I'm really really lucky OJ & Spike will soon get over their new found love of mischief when I'm trying to sleep. Haha yeah right those two settle down when I'm wanting to sleep LOL! They're only 1 1/2 & 2 1/2 years old & they're favorite thing to do all day is sleep so of course the odds are they're going to be nocturnal little monsters. Spike used to sleep at night but now he likes OJ's schedule.
Ashley will be posting more about these four cats so don't fail to check out the latest about the four cats in the house.
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