Today you will discover a great Cameroonian who is giving out his best  in the Music Industry. Make sure you watch his clip at



AT Gilbert is an artist who has won the hearts of many Cameroonians as far as  modern music is concern, He sings in English , French, and Pidgin English.   He started music as a child and realized his talents in 2004. He led and controlled many church choirs before releasing his first album in 2009. “Don’t cry again” He is from the northwest region of Cameroon precisely Batibo.
                To me I can say he is a born artist because despite the circumstance this guy find himself, he ensures that music is well first. He has organized some concerts in Batibo and Bamenda.  It is time he gets to the international community.
  What is the major challenge faced by this  artist?
This guy is really face with a problem of getting a producer. He has shown me more than a  hundred tracks he has  written but they are not yet available in the market.
How far has he gone with his career as a musician?
 He has realeased two albums , the first in 2009 as mention  above.
He released his second album in 2012 titled “mighty hero” which the track let the “dry bone live again” caught me attention. AT said “Ransom the best is still to come”  Let  us all join this guy and support him to see the best with this talents.

ATs contact

Phone : +23794584980
Video Here

What is your own born talent ?

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  1. I am born to be a winner. Soccer is my talent


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