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what is 2545BC?
25-45 Business Consulting SA is a proudly Cameroonian company that provides quality, innovative and technologically enhanced professional business consulting services. The company was founded by Collins Mazu in July 2013, a Cameroonian chartered accountant and finance professional with about 10 years working experience in various fields (education, consulting and Mining).

How did it come about?

The future of our beloved country, Cameroon lies not only with our fathers and mothers; it lies in the hands of the Technology and Change generation (Cameroonians between 25 and 45 years). If you are between 25 and 45 years you must have witnessed most of the following:

  • Devaluation of the FCFA
  • Bush faller frenzy (aggressive migration to the west for further education and better living standards)
  • The arrival of the internet (it used to cost FCFA 1000 per hour to browse the internet, we used to pay for creation of free email accounts)
  • The arrival and rise in the use of cellphones (primary school kids now have cellphones)
  • Internet/cellphone banking
  • The 2007/2008 global economic crisis
  • The election of the first black man as president in America
  • The Nigerian film and music industry boom
  • etc.
We live in a rapidly changing world where technology has taken center place. Unfortunately these changes have not yielded adequate economic growth to our beloved country Cameroon.
We believe that the 25-45 generation is equipped with the right skills, experiences (especially after experiencing the events mentioned above) and qualifications to take our country (Cameroon) to the next level – enhanced economic development/growth. Some of our fellow 25-45s in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa are already using their skills and experiences to contribute to Africa’s economic growth; but we need more 25-45s to join.
We cannot continue to point fingers at the government and wait for her to create jobs. We need to be more proactive, create jobs by creating more formal small and medium sized (SMEs) enterprises in Cameroon. This realisation has given birth to “25-45”BUSINESS CONSULTING which aims to contribute to the economic development of our beloved country (Cameroon) and Africa through the provision of the following innovative services:
  1. Construction/Project Management Economic growth requires proper and relevant infrastructure.
  2. Business Development the creation and efficient management of formal SMEs is vital to the growth of any country. We will perform the following services under business development:
    • Business Research (monthly business magazine)
    • Writing business plans for startups and existing businesses
    • Strategy formulation for Businesses
    • Business Valuation
    • Risk Analysis & Management
    • Other Financial Analyses
    • Financial Reporting
    • Internal control design, reviews and improvement
    • Management Information System (MIS)
  3. Relevant Training in Accounting and Finance Finance professionals are central to Cameroon’s future economic growth, providing pillars of good governance that will drive the country’s economic sustainability and prosperity.


To create a vibrant, formal private sector in Cameroon that will significantly contribute to the country’s economic growth


To provide quality, innovative and technologically enhanced professional business consulting services (business development, training and construction management); that will result in the creation and efficient management of formal small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Cameroon.


We are a proudly Cameroonian company. We care for our clients’ business as our own, we share their ambitions and align our objectives with theirs – so they know together we can build a better Cameroon. We also value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive criticism, accountability, professionalism, collaboration and mutual respect
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