This post was written far way back in 2013. Cars represnet one of the best thing technology has done to mankind as it can help us to move from one place to another with little or no stress. 
Buying and selling cars in Cameroon had been something very special . Such times are gone where user do find difficulties in buying or selling cars. With the growth of technology , we can buy and sell cars now online in Cameroon.
There are many sites especially the classified ads site that permits users to buy and sell cars. Websites like JUMIA deals,kerawa,afribaba and other are doing great when it comes to selling cars in Cameroon. Your cars are just'' here and no longer there''. This means you can make a deal just by sitting on your smart phone or on a PC.
 There are equally website that permits those in need to buy cars from other countries. Counties like Germany,France,USA, Belgium and Japan represent the top countries that ship cars to Cameroon. 
Today, we have our own home based car listing site JUMIA CARS where everyone can go to get the latest cars and car deals. This has equally make our dream car come closer to us, even if it is when we dont have cash at hand.
We have partner with some car seller in Cameroon with which you can make good car deals . We are still building the network . Anyone interested can mail us or send us your car type for a quote.
Finally your cars are here what are you waiting for?Come and get a car here

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