Amazon is one of the best online shopping site in the world. The following are five reason  for you to shop at Amazon.

1. Online Safety: there is no need to be afraid of exposing your credit card details on amazon . They are one of the safest site online.

2. Support : While shopping on Amazon you might need help . Amazon has a support team that will be ready to answer all your questions. You even have the option to join their forums and discuss all your doubts and worries with great people.

3.Quality: Amazon ensure that they provide you with the best quality produts and services online. They ensure they update their products ,delete those that are no more in stock  and also give discount.Product deliver is timely. Just give the right address and you will get your product just at you door steps.

4.Product Variety: If you want to make choice on what you need then Amazon will offer you the opportunity by displaying similar products . For example if you need a camera, just type Camera on the search box on Amzon and various types of Cameras will be displayed for you to choose.

5.Business opportunity: If you are interested in doing an online business the Amazon is a good place to start. 

You can sell on Amazon, create your own store powered by Amazon payment , create an affiliate store  , Publish your eBooks at amazon and more.

                        They are hundreds of advantages and opportunities offered at Amazon. 

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