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Over 100 Victims Accuse Herve Bopda For Rape, Kidnap, Sodo_my and For Being A sexual  Predator Protected by Authorities. 

Over 100 victims have anonymously accused a certain Cameroonian by name Herve Bopda for serial rape, kidnap, sodomy, sexual abuse and sexual predation while benefiting from the protection of authorities. 

Investigative journalist Nzui Manto in the past days has been uncovering what many have termed the biggest sexual  predation, sodomisation and sexual  business scheme that has ever existed in Cameroon. 

His victims, mostly underage girls between the ages of 15, 16 and 17 years are contacted by influencers and proposed to these rich men under the guise of beauty pageants, making them popular and powerful influencers, Herve Bopda gets hold of some of his victims and commits his inexcusable acts.

When Manyi said “Buea no fine!” She probably saw these atrocities as the Capital of the Southwest region is one of the main hosts of the popular party called “Picking Money” hosted at the residence of billionaire Wilson Dacosta, owner of WDC Apart Hotel, Buea. The picking money welcomes celebrities, influencers and public figures all over Africa and this is where young girls go there to party and compensated with huge sums of money after performing org•y.

One of the victims recounted that she discovered maggots coming out of her anus after she had s3x in one of the events. 

Another case, a pregnant lady who was forced into s3x lost her baby because of the ev!l act of Herve Bopda. 

So far, majority of Herve Bopda’s victims who have come out to anonymously recount their stories stated that they contracted HIV/AIDS after s3xual activities with Herve Bopda. The s3x predator benefiting from the protection of authorities threatens his victims with firearms and death before performing his evil acts. 

A great number of influencers have been identified to be present at one of Wilson Dacosta’s Picking Money parties, they include Coco Emilia, Nathalie Koah, Peter PSquare (Nigeria), Mourzane aka Pierre Prècieuse. 

An online campaign has launched with the hash tag #StopBopda in a bid to create awareness and inform netizens on the current situation. While Nzui Manto has called on victims to take their stories to the forces of law and order, Herve Bopda’s case has been picked up by the Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms of the Cameroon Bar Association and referred to the public prosecutor at the court of first instance of Yaoundé administrative center.

This is a developing story 

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We will share the testimonies on this page as days goes by . 

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