Sports betting in Africa is getting popular with the coming of betting companies .One big challenge is getting a reputable betting site that will allow you to bet on time and get paid on time (Fast withdrawals) . Among the top betting companies so far it is difficult to term any one of them as a crypto betting site. Today we are going to discover one of such . 

 With the cryptocurrencies getting popular all over the world a crypto betting site is needed for africans to make use of  and tap into trhe advantages that comes with  cryptocurrencies . One of such an innovation in the betting industry in africa is which is a top betting website in Africa. Let  us get to discover what this com pany got to the african betting-crypto community.  

 What is is the best sports and casino betting sites that you will find on the internet. The platform gives you the opportunity to bet on a wide variety of different sports, and also the possibility to use fiat   to top up your account and do withdrawals. 

                                         To register: Click here

The platform was established in 2016, and is one of the top betting sites in the market. It is also the #1 Crypto currency sportsbook in the market that permits you to make deposits, do betting, and withdraw your profit with crypto. 


The site offers live casino betting with Black Jack, Bingo Games, Roulette, Slot Machines, Bombay Club, and Live Dealer etc. 


It also has a multi-currency portal, and is accessible from almost every country. The platform has an android app, and will soon have an iOS app.  


Is the platform accessible and user friendly? 


The first thing you will notice when you first open the site is that it is user friendly as its colors are protective colors that won’t affect your sight. It also has all the featured sports lined out at the top of the site, making it handy and accessible on a first glance. The “Sign in and Login” buttons too are placed at the top right of the platform which you can easily sign up or login and choose the sport(s) you will like to bet on without necessarily scrolling down the entire site.


On the homepage, you can also choose your payment method to buy crypto like; Visa card, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. And still on the home page, you can access game fixtures or sports like soccer, basketball, and various leagues. 


You can as well change the odds display in the navigation bar to either decimals or fractions and vice versa as you prefer. The slider at the left-hand side of the screen has featured links and sports games on offer. It also has options to access sports statistics and betting rules. This make the site the top betting site in Africa. 

At the bottom of the website, you will find options to access social media platforms, various crypto currency payment methods, and various gambling enforcers. It also has options to access customer support, terms and conditions, responsible gambling, rules, and help center sections.


Free-bet promotions gives its users mouth-watering free bets that have the best prizes in the world in terms of bonuses. We shall review the top 2 promotions that are active on the platform.

On the Weekly Free-bet promotion, users can win up to Ksh10 million in Bitcoin. This is through the 4-3 Free bet promotion and 6-6 Freebet campaign.


4-3 Free Bet


Playing a 4-3-Free is essentially the same as placing a BetBuilder Bet. You have four questions based on one match. Think of them as markets, with three (3) or more possible answers. Think of them as selections and all you need to do is submit your answers for all four (4) questions.

If you answer correctly to all four questions, you will get a $50 Free Bet*. If you answer correctly to three questions, you will get a $10 Free Bet*. Prizes are paid out in Bitcoin only.

*Free Bets are paid out the next day by 15 GMT.
*Multi accounting disqualifies all your entries. 
*Other terms apply. Read more from site under promotion terms and conditions.



6-6 Free Bet


Playing Bet Free-6-6 is essentially the same as placing a Multi Bet. You have six (6) matches and all you need to do is predict the Correct Score for all of them. Based on your six (6) Correct Score predictions, will also generate your picks for Match Result and Over/Under 2.5 Goals.

If you get all six Correct Score, you will get $100,000 worth in Bitcoin. If you get six Match Results or Over/Under 2.5 Goals correct and miss at least one Correct Score prediction, then your consolation prize is a $10 Free Bet worth in Bitcoin. You will get 2 x $10 Free Bets worth in Bitcoin if you get six Match Results and six Over/Under 2.5 Goals correct and miss at least one Correct Score. Partners 

As a leading betting site, has officially partnered with some of the biggest sports clubs, amongst which are four major clubs in world football: Southampton FC and Arsenal in the English Premier League, Flamengo and São Paulo in Série A of Campeonato Brasileiro 

How to register on the platform?


The website has the most basic, simple but secured sign up or registration portal. To sign up on the website, you can either choose to use Facebook to sign up, or use email. With the email registration, you will need to put in your user name, email address, date of birth, password, confirm that you are above 18 years old, and click on “Create your free account” to proceed. A verification link will be sent to your email to verify your account, and boom!!! You have your brand new account ready for you to fund it and start betting.

                            To register: Click here

 Customer Support?

And finally, they have a 24/7 robust in-app messaging system for customer support. They are fast and reliable whenever you reach out to them with a problem, and be rest assured you will get a solution. is highly recommeded because of the professional design, innovation and provide a solution for Africans with or without bank accounts. Making money online is one of the challenges faced in Africa. Betting  when well  organize can serve as a source of income. This top betting site in Africa is one of such a place to get started. 

Our Rating

 We would give a 5-star rating amongst cypto community users who love betting through crypto.

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