Although technology has many gains, it impacts parenting in various ways. Kids get exposed to many dangers online, and most parents wonder how to do it right. Fortunately, there are different online safety tools and apps that you can use on your kid's wireless device.
Are you bothered about your child's internet safety? Here are wireless devices to consider:
1. Zoodles
Zoodles enables your kid to browse the net safely. It also serves as a parental control that allows you to limit your child from accessing unwanted sites. It features a host of fun educational materials for kids and also filters unnecessary ads.
If your child's phone is faulty, making them unable to access the instructional materials, type "sell my broken phone" on Google. You'll come across websites that can exchange the old device for cash. And can use it to acquire a better phone for your child.
2. AOL Safety Toolbar
The AOL Safety Toolbar is one of the handy online safety tools for web filtering. You can install it on your computer or any other wireless device. It’s a free tool that sifts unsuitable content and can use it to watch how your kid uses the internet.
3. Kido'z
Kido'z is an Adobe AIR application that safeguards your child while surfing the internet. It's a useful web browser since it marks the sites that your child can or can't visit. The browser displays pages with famous characters like Dora the Explorer or Mickey Mouse, and upon clicking, you get directed to a website with similar subjects.
As a parent, you may find it hard to control what your child does while you're not at home. But, you can use the online safety tools mentioned earlier to intensify internet safety for kids. Also, discuss other internet matters like child predators and cyberbullies.

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