The mobile internet offer in Cameroon has evolved considerably since our last comparison, particularly with the arrival of 4G at MTN, Orange and Camtel. That's why today I offer you a new comparison of the mobile internet of our 4 mobile operators.

I tried to take into account some remarks made on the first comparison to offer you a better analysis. But the fact remains that the conclusions here are based mainly on my personal use of Nexttel, MTN and Orange 3G mobile networks as well as 4G networks of MTN, Camtel and Orange Cameroon.

The averages of location-dependent flow tests, depending on your city or neighborhood, may have different results. Feel free to share your experience and leave your reviews in comments.

 speedtest test-of-the-flow-Cameroon-CAMTEL-4g

For this comparison, I chose to evaluate the quality of the internet connections of the mobile Internet access providers on 3 criteria:

º The coverage

º Consumption

º Stability / availability.

                   Who has the best mobile internet coverage
# 1 Nexttel Cameroon

In terms of coverage of the mobile Internet network on the territory, Nexttel is for me the most powerful, with a very good coverage on major routes (Douala-Yaounde, or Douala - Dschang -Bafoussam) and in the most remote villages and towns . I was able to note this during my recent visits to various localities in the West and North West regions. Where we could not have a network bar MTN or Orange, the Nexttel network was always present with a smooth internet connection, even when I was in 2G.

 # 2 Orange Cameroon

Orange Cameroon is in my opinion the operator that offers the second best 3G coverage. We have a good 3G signal everywhere in the cities of Douala and Yaounde. However, there is less coverage on the road and outside urban areas.

4G coverage however ... I think it's the most limited at the moment.

 # 3 MTN Cameroon

Even if in terms of 4G, MTN Cameroon has a much better 4G coverage than Orange, this is not really the case of its 3G network that I sometimes seem to be less deployed than its 4G network, at least for what is from Douala. I often switch from 4G to E without going through 3G.

In addition, I still have a lot of trouble accessing the Internet inside buildings with MTN unlike Orange or Nexttel.

 # 4 Camtel

Camtel's 4G mobile network launched earlier this year seems to be slowly expanding. It covers for the moment only some of the big cities of the country. It is not the operator to choose if we move a lot or if we live in unhedged neighborhood.

    Which mobile operator offers the fastest internet in Cameroon?
In terms of internet speeds, it must be said that the speed of the internet connection in Cameroon has improved significantly in the course of 2016. While in the context of our latest comparison, the best results of flow tests in 3G were of the order of 6 Mbps, today I regularly reach 12 Mbps in 3G and up to 60 Mbps in 4G from a Smartphone.

To evaluate the quality of the internet connection of our operators, I used the Speedtest applications and especially nPerf, which, in addition to measurements of data rates and the quality of the experiment, makes it possible to compare the performances of the connections while restoring the averages per operator, based on the results of the tests performed with the application. Just perform a test with the application and click on the link compare at the end of the test to display these averages.

 The nPerf results for the period from 09 to 23 November 2016, shown in the screenshot above, show the following ranking:

# 1 Camtel

Camtel's 4G offer, known as X-TremNet, is the one currently offering the best mobile internet speeds in Cameroon. This is really my heart stroke of recent months. The connection is excellent with speeds ranging from 30 to 50 Mbps for a download speed of up to 10MB / s. The average over nPerf is 37Mb / s, a rate up to 5 times higher than the other 3 operators; which is also explained by the fact that the operator does not offer a 3G offer whose speeds could have lowered the averages.

Max bandwidth achieved: 55 Mbps
# 2 MTN Cameroon

MTN Cameroon comes in second place thanks to its 4G which also offers very good internet speeds. In 4G, the rates are regularly between 15 Mbps and 25 Mbps and can go beyond 35 Mbps very early in the morning, or very late at night. However, the average displayed on nPerf for its 3G and 4G mobile networks is 7Mb / s, mainly because 3G speeds are much lower than 4G and

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