Getting a Cameroonian national identity card today is  a very stressful and tedious process. This is why it is heart breaking to lose your ID card.It is thus important to be educated on how to find your loss Id card no matter the country where you find yourself.

''Loosing your ID card in times like this will make you see life in Cameroon really different😂😂. I’ve never been so scared of loosing such a small piece of plastic paper. Thank God I found it'' Sango

                                     How To Get A Cameroonian ID CARD
The procedure to get a new identity card is easy
Step 1. Get the following documents ready
i. Birth certificate
ii. proof of profession  or proof of student status ( not in all cases)
iii. Photo copy of Id card ( in the case where your id card is expired or missing)
iv. Certificate of Loss (  if id card is missing)
v. Court Declaration  issued in the same town your birth certificate was drawn ( If  your birth   certificate is new)
vi.Court Judgement issued in any  court .
 Step 2: Go to the closet police station, commonly known as ''Commissariat'' and present the documents for verification. Once they are verified and confirmed, you will be sent to the ID card processing room

Step 3: In the ID card processing room, you will be ask place in front of  a police officer who will get some information about you. get you thumb print, special sign on your body,and  your photograph.
 With all this, he/she will then issue you a receipt, which  will serve as a temporal Id card for 3 months. Within this period, you can always pass by to check  the availability of your Id card since it is processed in Yaounde.

Step 4: If your ID card is available, you will then be requested to give the receipt  to get the ID card. If you arrived the Police station and cant find your ID card, then the expiry date on the  receipt will be extended further by 3 months.
* CNI issues that do not come out? Call 1550, it's free and any network *. if you have a * CNI * that never went out ... an operator will locate you on the problem encountered and give you the conduct to keep ... number being implemented since last week. .. try it works
You need to take good care of your ID card s it serves many purposes such as cashing out money, picking up a money transfer, registration in schools, examination registration, security among others.
                           Getting back a Missing Cameroonian ID CARD
If your Id card is missing, the only way to get is to check  at  the closest police station in your town.

In the case where you forgot it at places such as banks, insurance companies,service centers or some other public place, you can consult the security section of that company.

MTN Cameroon has come up with a way to  to get phone numbers associated to a specific ID card . by using a short code.

When you find the lost CNI of a Cameroonian, please send by SMS to 8758 the number of said CNI ( The new ID card number is the number to the bottom left of the back side of the card)

 You will receive in return by SMS with a  telephone number allowing you to contact the person concerned.
If you misplaced your ID card, you can be lucky that it fall into the hands of someone who is aware of this. All you have to do is to wait to be contacted . But while waiting you should get a certificate of loss.

There are equally some groups on Facebook that claim to have missing ID cards. Once we verify the authenticity of these groups, you will be updated with their names.

              ID(CNI ) issues that do not come out?
Call 1550, it's free and any network *. if you have a * CNI * that never came out ... an operator will explain to  you the problem encountered and give you  directions on how to go about it ..

It has become very difficult to redo its CNI in the country, so  always try your best to find the owner of an ID card if you happen to find one.

That was it on finding your missing Id card as well as getting the number of someone whose ID card is missing. As a precaution, always endeavor to have a phone number on your ID card, there are some transparent ID card holders that are being issued at the cost 1$ now with your phone number written on them.

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