Security has always been a major concern for our smartphones. Whether Whatsapp or Telegram, these two messaging platforms use state-of-the-art techniques to secure the data of their users; but a question arises: what is the most secure messaging between WhatsApp and Telegram?

WhatsApp and Telegram support similar features, such as stickers, payments, two-factor authentication, in addition to basic email functions, but are at the same time differentiated by many other features. In this article, we plan to highlight these differences to help you make a clear distinction between the two and allow you to choose the best messaging service to meet your needs.

             What makes Whatsapp unique?

WhatsApp is the undisputed leader in email, mainly because of its huge user base. But here's what makes this messaging unique:

Group video call
Status and stories
WhatsApp Business (For businesses or formal business)
Report numbers that send suspicious messages and spam or report suspicious messages to WhatsApp from the app
WhatsApp Payments (Not yet available in all countries)
Formatting the text

 Telegram unique Features

Secret chat
Sharing different types of files up to 1.5 GB
Creating and downloading themes
Automatic night mode
Super groups and public channels
Editing messages
Self-destruct timer
automated bots that gives you information

Telegram beats WhatsApp in the field of security
Telegram wins by far because it brings unique features that certainly make the difference in terms of security.

While WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for all discussions, Telegram is clearly the best-performing option with its self-destruct timer.
On the other hand, Telegram, also includes user-to-server encryption in normal chats and user-to-user encryption in secret conversations
The secret chats available on WhatsApp disable the recording and automatic backup of your messages on the servers. In addition, they prevent your interlocutor from taking a screenshot of your messages.

Self-destruction gives you one more asset and allows to define a time after which your message will be self-deleted from your smartphone and that of your interlocutor.
It is clear that Telegram is more feature-rich and secure, but WhatsApp has more users. Many users still prefer to use a single email, and this is WhatsApp.

But, if your privacy worries you, Telegram will not compromise your messages by using secret chat and self-destruction. So, making your choice on Telegram makes more sense if you want to convey sensitive information or if you are in a country / region where the authorities have oppressed the voices and concerns of citizens.
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