The Skype app is a popular chat app that can be access on the web or through an app online. Skype is an instant messaging app developed by Microsoft and serve more that whats app,telegram ,we chat and other instant messaging platforms.
skype web version
Skype Web

The Skype instant messaging platform has evolve over the years with   several version created to meet the needs of  businesses and individuals.

Skype on the web or apps has many benefits. With the Skype app, you can benefit from instant messaging,video conferencing,presentation view,whiteboard presentation,presenter access control in the business app among others.

Skype can be access  on the web but let us see the two types of Skype apps.
There are two major forms of Skype created for individual use and  to meet business needs. 'Skype is suitable for individuals and small businesses''. On the other hand, Skype for business can be used by business organization to meet up needs as seen above .
With both apps, you can add people during an online meeting, set up conference rooms,encrypted  among others.

To access the skype app, you need a  to login to skype using n account you have created (Skype) or your microsoft account ( skype web,skype for business and simple skype). When setting up Skype , make sure you have an email you can easily access and a phone number which can be used to verify your account in case you forget your password or lost your account to hackers.

Let us see how you can use skype online  on the web (Skype Web)

1. Skype Web Wesbite

The first and famous way to use Skype web is by making use of the Skype website . This option requires you to have a microsoft account . Skype for web has  the same features as the features on the Skype app.  Once login on the web version of Skype,You can customize the app to  have a look and feeling of your ''Taste''.With Skype web, you can make audio and video calls as well as instant messaging.

2. Skype web plugin (Skype Extension) 

The Skype extension can be used as an option to access Skype web without opening a new tab. The Skype plugin brings additional features such as inserting Skype call links to calendars, ,twitter and email with just a single click. The Skype extension is a great way to use Skype.
The challenges of   the extension is that some features are limited to some browsers. For example, Audio and video calling is not supported on chrome  OS and Linux.

You can equally do group chats,photos sharing,document sharing. You ca equally make calls to a telephone number by purchasing Skype credit.

3. Skype on your outlook email

While reading your email and accessing the numerous Microsoft  services , you can access Skype without opening another tab .
To access Skype on the web by this way, Go to
Enter your email and password for login  to access your account.
Click on the top Left on the Skype Icon to access Skype  and enjoy .

In all,you can download the Skype app, then sign into your account on  desktop or mobile phone. You can sign up for Skype online using the Skype website or on the Microsoft website (Create Microsoft account). n easy access to Skype is by making use of the plugin or live email . With all this in mind, you can make Skype web video calls or Skype app video calls among others

Skype is a  recommended professional app for messaging that can be used to meet up communication needs,enhance presentations and online meetings. The app can be access  on the web,mobile phone and desktop.
 What is your experience so far with Skype?

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