Times have changed and we must adapt if we want to survive. The old days of working 12 hours are gone. We are now living in an advanced Era whereby technology is offering us the ability to work from the comfort abilities of our homes. This opportunity will give you all the time needed to take care of your family while enjoying the little time that you have on Earth.

Cameroonians of this generation are very fortunate to have this opportunity at their door-steps. Our ancestors did not live long to enjoying such. And for sure you are wondering what it takes and means by making money online in Cameroon. You do not need to worry, just continuously unfold our write-up and we’ll assist you in this process.

We have some of our brothers and sisters who are already making pretty nice sums of over $500+ every month by working online from Cameroon. This is roughly 300,000FCFA every month, an amount that can permeate you to fully cater for your family. Before we start listing these best ways to make money online in Cameroon, we must call your attention away from all easy get rich overnight money making schemes which will steal away your hard earned cash.


Blogging comes in to render the process of making money online in Cameroon very easy even for newbies. We must also notify here that this sector is relatively new in Cameroon thereby making it easy to succeed due to a lesser competition. It has to do with sharing your ideas through pieces of writings with the whole world and getting paid. It is worth noting that blogging requires people who are patient and hardworking.

Writing eBooks

Gone are all those days when you use to write your books and suffer the distress of not having enough people to purchase and boost your returns. With the Amazon kindle eBook reader as well as other online eBook publishing platforms, you can generate a sustainable income by simply writing eBooks. You’ll agree with me that this option renders the process of making money online in Cameroon very simple. All you’ll need will be a creative brain.

YouTube Videos

We cannot talk about the best ways to make money online in Cameroon without making mention of how profitable YouTube videos can be. This option has created more millionaires than we can count. It has to do with producing videos on just anything you’ll like to share with the world and uploading them to YouTube. Once you’ve gotten a good number of followers, money will know your house.

Affiliate marketing

This is another wonderful making money online option that Cameroonians have at their reach. It has to do with assisting someone in selling their product and then obtaining a reward in the name of commission. There are several affiliate platforms which you can choose that which suits you to promote their products online and anytime that a sell is made through you, you receive a percentage of the money.

This brings us to the end of our write up on the best ways to make money online in Cameroon. We hope you found our writing useful. We’ll continuously do our best to bring more of such writings.

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Hello, my name is Desemond Mbantoh, I am an online entrepreneur who runs metaproductreviews.com a website on the latest product review which helps businesses to reach success and at the same time looks forth to ameliorating the lives of many in one way or the other through its writings
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