Smart routers, action cameras and home assistants: many of the technologies that made it successful in 2018 are expected to return next year with more force. The trend is for similar releases to occur, prices are lower, and manufacturers add special functions to previously announced devices.  No Fluff Tech   is one of the websites that delivers about the most trending technologies which are very helpful in our day to day life. We are going to see an info graphic by No Fluff tech that covers 2018 trends in electronics.

In the list below, check out devices that may come with new specifications and more interesting values. The tips are useful for deciding whether to buy a product now or wait for the news that 2018 can bring to gadgets that were trend this year, such as mini PCs and action cams.

4K Action Cameras
After the launch of GoPro Hero5 and Garmin Virb Ultra 30 in 2018, it is likely that most of the upcoming action cameras will start to be released with 4K resolution and HDR function. After all, the two models are highly sought after by users and help set the trends in the category. In addition, special functions should become increasingly frequent on the cameras, such as Wi-Fi connection for streaming live videos and voice controls

Smart Routers
After Google's investment in smart routers, OnHub in 2018, and Google Wi-Fi in 2018, several vendors also went back to production for such devices. Whether with applications that control Wi-Fi quality, two-in-one (router and repeater), or with details that roam the internet, such as more powerful antennas, smart routers are expected to be cheaper and popular among users in 2018.

Computers With Special Accessories
With the launch of Surface Studio and the MacBook Pro 15 "in 2018, the launch of computers with specific functions and luxury accessories should gain strength, especially for designers and those who work with animation and image editing. In addition to the Dial on the Surface or the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro , new notebooks are likely to be released with extras that add important features. The modular body was already a trend among cell phones, and it is possible that it will also become among PCs.

Smart Houses
Although most manufacturers in the world - Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon - invest in the concept of smart home, fashion has not caught on. Whether for the not always inviting prices or the low availability in the national market, home assistants have not yet conquered. However, after the success of Google Home and Amazon Echo abroad, the trend is likely to begin in the country by 2018. Assistants can help control not only the routine of the home but also keep the calendar organized.

Smaller And Faster Mini-Pcs
Mini PCs of the most varied models were launched this year. Because of the portability and low prices of notebooks and PCs, it is likely that mini PCs will gain more space in next year. The greater possibility of operating systems (Windows, Linux and even Android) and extras, such as screen, flexible keyboards and even camera, could be useful differentials for those who want to buy a small, powerful and, of course cheap PC.
The Infographic below show the trends worth checking out.
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