For an Internet marketer, data can be more valuable than just about anything. However, for data to be useful for an Internet marketing campaign, it should be relevant and complete. Data with holes is of little use to online marketers, and it can be harmful if the marketer doesn’t know those holes are there. Here at PPC campaign management agency Straight North, we’ve found that an alarming number of online marketers are making crucial decisions about their lead generation websites based on information that’s woefully incomplete, and they aren’t even aware of it. That’s why we always advocate making lead validation and tracking a core component of an Internet marketing campaign. 

How to Track and Validate Website Sales Leads by Straight North, a provider of PPC campaign management

The problem occurs when marketers base their decisions about optimizing their websites entirely on the raw conversion numbers from Google Analytics. They assume that these figures give them an accurate picture of how many sales leads are being created. However, nearly half of all website conversions are interactions such as job applications or customer service inquiries. Unless those conversions are validated and tracked, marketers don’t truly know how many of their conversions are actual sales leads or which sources generated them. Without that critical information, marketers may be led to believe that certain sources on their websites are more successful than they really are.

Implementing a lead validation and tracking process can eliminate those issues by giving online marketers more complete and accurate information about the performance of their lead generation websites. Data is extremely important for Internet marketing, but you need to be sure that your data is complete before it can hold any value for you. The following guide will take you step by step through the process of incorporating these steps into your campaign.

Matt Cannon is Director of Web Services at StraightNorth, an Internet marketing firm that offers SEO, PPC and web design services. Cannon manages all web development activities to make sure that each project is applying current development standards and techniques.
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