Cameroon with a population of 22million+ still have very few website compared to the population. RANSBIZ team had been out with the #getonline campaign in the city of Douala. We found out that many businesses want get online but some few factors keep pulling them back. A website is a very important tool to an individual, a business, a church, an organization. This is because it can help them reach a large audience within a short period of time without spending much.

Individuals, businesses and organizations need a website. It is the easiest way to get a project started. It is equally a great way for individuals to make money online. Einstein Muki9Money making blog),Ransbiz,Jumia,Crypto Africa, Le Mobile Au kamer are all Cameroon websites where you can visit to  discover the power of a website.
In this post I will share with you some of the reasons some people had been holding back from creating their own website in Cameroon. Below are some of the reasons:
1.                Some Business doesn’t have a website because they don’t know the uses of a website.
2.                Other Businesses don’t have a website because of a previous experience they had with a money hungry web designer. Some
3.                Exploitation by Webhosting Company. Some web hosting companies in Cameroon charge to much money to create websites that do no not meet the demand of the client which makes the client to neglect the website.
4.                Some Cameroonians consider Facebook  pages and WhatAspp   Groups as websites.
Because some businesses and individuals in Cameroon have a Facebook  page and a whatsapp group, they don’t care about a website. Well, a facebook page should actually act as a channel to your website.You doesn’t own a facebook page or a whatApp group actually. Facebook can deleted your account any time. There is a big difference between a facebook page(it is owned by facebook) and a  website.( own by an individual or a company). Social media marketing is just one of the concepts in digital marketing. There is more to discover if you are the owner of a website.
5.                Learning from the failure of others. I came across a client who told me he knows a friend of his who spent 200 000 XAF to create a website and the website brought  him nothing. Well that is true. But the owner of that website can explain best what happened. A website is  your on line location. You have to maintain it the same way you maintain your house or business offline. If you don’t do so, it won’t attract visitors and will end up being a waste. While Cameroonians think they can   learn from the failure of others, it is good to know that many had succeeded with their websites too. Learn from them, follow them and create your own website.
6.                Lack of efficient knowledge on how to manage a website.
After creating a website, some Cameroonians think it is time to pop campaigns for the greatest achievement. This is not very true; you are just starting your digital marketing journey. Managing a website is very important for the success of your website and business.
7.                Some businesses don’t understand SEO. SEO involves making your website to appear on search engine when people are searching for a product or service you offer on your blog or website.
8.                Some businesses don’t invest in promoting websites.
   Promoting your website is very important. Promoting your website helps you to  reach the audience you are targeting. You can use SEO, content marketing, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to promote your website in Cameroon.
9.                Some Businesses don’t know what it takes to create a website (How to create a website in Cameroon).You can contact us to design a website for you or learn to create your own website by reading this post
               How to create a website in Cameroon
10.           Some Cameroonians don’t have a website because they don’t want to spend money. As some claimed they want to have a free website. Well you can save money from designing a website and learn how to create a website on your own here.
11.           Free websites in Cameroon: Free websites do exist. However this is not an option to anyone who wants to make money with his/her website. I know we like free things in Cameroon. On a free website, you don’t have access to cpanel and FTP. Secondly you use the design that the company has which is not an innovative idea. Also the company is free to show ads on the website since you don’t own it. Lastly the company can decide to shut down your website without alerting you. DON’T GO FOR A FREE WEBSITE. You can get affordable hosting on Hostgator.
12.           Reluctance to adapt to changes in the digital generation. Some Cameroonians are not thinking of creating a website because they believe in what had been there. This makes it difficult to get started with another concept (websites) which is a necessity in this society of digital technology and entrepreneurship.
13.           ‘’Over sabi’’: Here  we are talkingof people who have some knowledge in  computer science and  think they are good web designers or people who just think they can do it because they think so with no motivation.  Such people create bad websites which ends ups annoying them or a client because factors like responsiveness, SEo and others were not considered in designing the website.
     Rest in peace to the Cameroonian musician, Lapiro who said ‘’over don na mboot’’. Some people have failed to have a website because they think they can do it all by themselves. After several attempts that just lead to frustration, they became overall frustrated which end up in a ‘’No website’’.
    Permit me to end here. You can continue with the other pints in the comment section. We have seen some of the reasons holding back Cameroonians from creating their own websites. If any of this reason applies to you, then I will like you to read this
                            ‘’ why a website is important to a Cameroonian’’
                How do I create a website?
Creating a website is very simple, all you need is
*A hosting account
*A domain name
*The website + content management system.
You can do it buy yourself or hire the services of a web designer. I strongly recommend that you should buy your hosting and domain name before contacting a web designer. If you intend selling on your website consider using the services of a digital marketer too.  You can buy cheap hosting on Hostgator.   All the requirements above can be gotten on Hostgator. If you are buying hosting on hostgato use the coupon code RMONEY60 to save some cash.  
                                 Start you website Now !!
How to create a website in Cameroon

What has been your greatest challenge with websites in Cameroon?

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