One of  the latest innovation today when it comes to Host Gator  webhosting services is Cloud Hosting.
 It is the dream for every company or blogger to have the best website. Creating a website today is easy when you choose a good hosting company. Having a hosting account is the first and essential thing we must think of when starting a website. Sometimes, we rush into some cheap webs hosting services which usually end up with your website being hacked or you just being stuck up because you cannot get support from your webhosting company.  Hostgator is one of my favourite webhosting company.
Websites had been a source of blessing in my life and i will always make sure i educate others on how to start and grow their website business. 
After publishing my post '' How to Create a Blog with Hostgator'', i got a question form a reader which reads
                 Dear Ransbiz team, Is  Hostgator Cloud Hosting  the Best Hosting Plan?
In this post we will see  what Host Gator has to offer when it comes to cloud hosting. At  the end , we will conclude if this hosting plan is the best or not.

                    What is Cloud Hosting?
The cloud hosting plan enable clients to run their websites on multiple servers compared to other traditional hosting plans than have their websites on a single server. This allows for server switch if one is'' crowded''
This plan is good if your website has high traffic. This is a better alternative to The shared hosting in which websites are running on a single server.  If you consider growing a big business then the Cloud hosting service will be great. This is because of the features that this package comes with.

                                  Cloud Hosting Features
 Host Gator offer different hosting plans and package. The most used hosting plan is the Shared hosting plan. Let us see the features which makes this plan  an excellent plan.
The Cloud Hosting plan is offered in three packages, namely:
   Hatchling Cloud, Baby Cloud and Business Cloud.

 Let us see more specifications of this hosting plan.
More Features of the Cloud Hosting Service
                                                   Why Cloud Hosting
There are several reason to choose Cloud Hosting as your hosting. Some of the reasons had been mentioned and  still to be discovered. To make things short we have selected the top three
1. This service comes with an integrated  caching feature which makes page loading faster.
2. Your website is transferred to another server if your current website is experiencing any problems,
3. With  the cloud hosting plan, your data is distributes copies of your data  across multiple devices, ensuing your data is safe.

 Hostgator generally  offers excellent hosting packages and plans. All hosting plans come with  applications that can help you build a website with or without coding knowledge. Some of the the applications  includes Magneto,Joomla,PHPBB Hosting,Wiki Hosting, Drupal and Word press.  Most of these apllication can be Installed fast and easy with the ''Quick Installation service'' available on Hostgator Cpanel.

           Should you  I use Cloud Hosting?
i. If you have a low budget to run your website then , my response will be''No''.
ii. If you have a website  with high traffic, then my answer is ''Yes''
iii.  If you  have cash and is willing to invest  on a website that will bring high traffic then go for Cloud Hosting.
   With hostgator, you can start on any hosting plan and upgrade as your business grows. That means you can start with the shared package and upgrade to Clouds if business is good. I recommend this option to bloggers.
The hosting plan the will  provide solutions to your needs is the best Hosting plan so far as you are in the same hosting company.
If you want faster load times(2x faster) then go for cloud hosting. 

 I think you will be able  to answer the Question '' Is Cloud Hosting the Best plan?''

My answer:
Yes it is the best hosting plan because it has additional features and benefits compared to the shared hosting packages.  The Plan is a solution to the problems which clients had been complaining off with the shared hosting plan.

            For anyone who wants 60 percent off , used the coupon Code RMONEY60.

1.  Are you using Hostgator?
 2. Which hosting plan do your prefer and Why?
See you in the comment area.

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  1. Hostgator Cloud Hosting plan is better for those who started a business and want to show aggression on web with best presence. Otherwise you can buy Baby plan for small business or business start ups.

    1. Thanks for your contribution. Hope to see you around

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