Just like cloud and mobile, Big Data and advanced level business analytics have been reshaping associations and business forms as well as procedures for a very long time. In the year 2016, organizations progressively moved data analytics ventures into production as they looked for the ability to interrogate external and internal data in order to better comprehend their clients and drive efficiencies.

The data analysis is never ending when it comes to the Big Data. But, recently, there have been some changes in the Big Data trends. These trends led to better results and quicker advancement of the market. As the trends progressed, there were significant changes and examples of the progression footprints which led to expectation of even better future. 

Data Analytics Market Is Developing: Once viewed as the buildup, advanced analytics and Big Data are presently very busy in the task of changing the complete enterprise. Organizations seem to be much more determined to pick up a competitive edge, or they are essentially focused. They have preferred the investment in technology, services and individuals in the year 2016. Most importantly, this trend does not seem to fade away any time sooner.

Spending of Big data and analytics reaches $187 billion already!

The market area for Big Data and business analytics, which is already very extensive, is keeping on growing with unexpectedly fast speed. Different kinds of research firms (including International Data Corporation) have analyzed and concluded that overall income of Big Data and business analytics market seemed to be about $122 billion in the year 2015 and it has been expected to grow in the future and it is quite likely that it will hit $187 billion in the year 2019. Which means that will be an expansion of more than 50 percent over IDC's five-year conjecture period.

Staffing, Careers And Training Stays Top Most Priority
Concerns about the analytics abilities was a big problem and actually existed to the high extent from a very long period of time. However, in the year 2016, it turned out to be progressively evident that the lack isn't simply in data researchers, moreover, it is also about the lack of data engineers, data analysts and even the data executives required proper managing the initiatives of data. Institutions and organizations in the year 2016 extended their endeavors to prepare, employ and retain the data experts for advancement and improvement in their work system and procedures.

Data researcher or data scientists have turned out to be a standout amongst the most in-demand, prominent professions in IT as organizations look for the ability to make predictions on the basis of data information. There's still no easy and one-size-fits-all approach that can help in the process of becoming one. Due to the fact that the demand of data analytics experts becomes more and more significant, colleges are rushing as much as possible so that they can fill the gap with all different kinds of undergraduate college degrees in Big Data.

Experienced data researchers, and the all the people who are searching them so that they can hire them, are running into troubles mainly because organizations regularly don't comprehend the role of data researcher and they also don’t understand what exactly their obligations ought to be.

Data researchers might be hard to come by, but this scenario is also similar with managers that comprehend data science and machine adapting enough to recognize the opportunities for utilizing these controls to improve their organizations.

Data Analytics In Production: In the year 2016, we significantly witnessed analytics activities progressively moving from confirmation of idea and test to creation. That procedure was not without developing agonies and difficulties.

Operationalizing Big Data Is IT Requirement: In the year 2016, most organizations — particularly bigger enterprises — have started to look for approaches to use the data that is available to them. While Big Data pioneers in the large organizations are definitely sure that their enormous data techniques are going in the correct direction, additionally, they feel that they're attempting to operationalize them adequately.

People Still Question Data And Analytics Insights: Some portion of the trouble in successfully operationalizing data analytics activities may originate from business pioneers, who are accustomed to making a necessary and right decision on the basis of gut-senses and experience difficulty when it comes to the trust on data and analytics insights.

It should not be a surprise that organizations which are moving their data analytics activities into production are realizing and learning which questions they have to make a request to ensure they're utilizing the correct tools, technologies and platforms.
Making the selection of correct data analyticsplatform is fundamental. All things considered, the item or product that you pick will help pioneers to settle on the basic business choices for quite a long time in future — if you understand it and make the right choice.

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