Guys yesterday, i was bored because my data bundle got finish after  1 hour when i thought it will actually get me for  24 hours. Some times it seem you have been deceived. Never give up. You can take control of everything. I found out some tricks that will make you use unlimited internet.  This post is written in response to all those who requested me to write on free internet. I hope you will enjoy it.

 Visit Places that  Have Wi-Fi Connection
This is a very simple trick to play. Paying visit to a schools, libraries,hotels and  others if you really want to use unlimited internet.   You can use your phone or Lap top as you wish.  Once you have access to any network of this type, you can now make it your second home .

Using   A Duct''TAPE'' to get Unlimited Internet on Your Phone

      The  duct tape often refered to as the Dock Tape  can help you get unlimited Internet on your phone.
Since your internet report is sent over a single frequency, we can use the Duct tape to absorb this frequency.   Here is what to do:
Cut suitable length of the duct ape and fold into three or four layers and insert in into your phone case. Make sure it does not cover your phone Camera.
Now put the phone into the cover with the Duct tape and that is it. You have unlimited Internet.

Unlimited Internet when Huawei E153 modem and a CDMNA Modem are connected on a PC.

This trick worked in Cameroon with Nexttel. I have not tried it with other networks .

Here is what i did, i bought an MTN modem( The old model) and the SNS mobility CDMA modem.
    Before doing this , make sure you
i.  set up a network on your    PC Manually.

Go to control Panel, Networks, and set up  a new net work Manually

ii. Crack the E153 modem   with Your Nexttel Sim card inside.
Now we can proceed
Inserted the two modems on my computer  
The connection should be automatic. If this does not happen, then visit your network area and connect manually.

Mine worked automatically on windows 8.
    One funny thing about this is that i cannot give an explanation to this. It just happened while i was trying to connect my CDMA modem. Just make sure you have a data bundle available. 

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    1. I am happy to hear that. Hope to have you around always.

  4. thank man i like you site please where can i find a tape can you know it french name please thank yet ;;;

    1. I think you can find this where the sell electrical equipments. It is called Ruban adhésif in French.


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