It is the era of technology.  Not just technology but digital technology.  The 2018 elections are on the way and at RANSBIZ; we believe it’s time for Cameroon politicians to use this great innovation. Our mission is to get Cameroonians online and we believe politicians are not left out.  
 We are going to share with you some of the ways you can use to do a successful campaign and why not become the ''Next President of Cameroon''. 

Targeting Mobile Phone users
 Do you know that more than16.8 million Cameroonians use the mobile phone ?
According to, Cameroon had a mobile penetration of 80% . with a total population of about 22 million,  This means targeting the mobile audience will be a good way to pass on your messages than using the old methods like newspaper,TV and radio.  I can remember my grand   dad listen to the radio very well.  I am always online watching TV ON MY phone if i like. With a text message from a party, i am sure i will read.  Make your campaign rocks by embracing mobile advertisement. 

Now How do you go about it?

This can be done using bulk sms sofware . You can make it rock by getting emails too and make use of any mailing software. We are now offering a bulk whatsapp software which could equally be used to reach mobile audience on whatsapp . 

There are several strategies you can use to get audience for your  campaign.What i mean here is getting emails and phone numbers which you can use for your campaign (Generating leads for your campaign). Remember if you don’t have phone numbers you won’t be able to send messages. Some of methods include

 i. Use of Short Codes
You can get a short code and offer promotions.
For example send ''' MR X'' to win a trip to Buea. Send Vote to x123y to support Cameroon politics. This will help ou get some numbers which you can use to pass on your messages.

ii. Offer Free Products
    Most politicians always like to share T-shirts,Caps,Umbrella among other. You can do that with grand ma who cannot use the internet. But you need the youths who will have to be there after grand ma is gone. So here is what you can do. Put up these products like Jumia ,kaymu or askcamer Shop or any other one with a 100 percent discount or 99 percent discount. You can still sell at a very cheap rate. 

 Shop Online with Jumia Cameroon

People will buy and leave their emails and phone numbers. You will be able to use this to get to them with your promotions whenever you want even after 2018 if you dont succeed. 

iii. Coupon Codes:
You can equally work with e-commerce shops to generate leads by offering coupon code. e.g 
‘’SAFE 300F SYC PART ‘’.
 This does not only give you leads but equally make your part name known to those who are not aware of it. 

iv. Other ways
Life is about being smart. If you are into politics, you should be smart enough because you will be ruling people.

-You can write post on facebook and request phone numbers. I have generated thousands of phone numbers on  facebook using this strategy.

-Meeting group coordinators and getting phone numbers with authorisation,

-Buying phone numbers if possible. 

Using social Media
  The social media has played an important role when it comes reaching out to people. I have seen the Cameroonian politician Prince Ekosso of USDP srongly making use of one of the options(Facebook groups) in reaching out people. In addition to Facebook groups politicians can use hashtags. e.g #votederrick2016 to reach out many audience. 

This can be achieved if you reach out to about 1000 Influencers and offer them some few bucks to start up the campaign. This can equally work well on twitter and Google plus.

 I will advise you to restrict your campaigns on Facebook(You will meet the same people on instagram so don’t border about instagram),Google plus ( You will meet the tech guys and authors), and twitter.   If you target this three social media, I believe strongly that  you will reach great minds who can offer you their votes if you convince them well.
Sensitive questions are great if you want to increase interaction.  Interaction with your constituencies is very important. This is just what a good social influence means.

Use of Websites and Apps

The internet is about a websites. Most parties have their headquarters/offices in various region and divisions in Cameroon. But many had forgotten to create their digital head quarter (internet location) which is a website. A website is where you followers will be visiting to check your updates. it also show you are serious than using the free pages provided by Facebook and others. It equally helps people to find you when they search for certain keyword.  Getting a website nowadays is very easy. With   $ 200 you can get a professional website that can make you the president of the republic of Cameroon. What about that? You can use your website or that of another person. But having your own website is very important if you are serious with

You can equally use apps to reach out to the population. The type of app you will need will depend on your digital objectives. In my opinion you can use it to pass message, get followers or make your party known.

Online ads
Google  ads are not only mearnt for businesses. Politicians can use it  to reach out Cameroonians. You can promote on other websites, on youtube videos by using Google adword. This requires you to set a good budget. I recommend 1 million FCFA . It is a very good way for a new party to create awareness.  This is very good if you have a website or if you have written an article on a website. You can equally use it to generate leads which you will use to make you campaigns. We can help you create a killer politica landing page if you need any. Google adword is one of the most popular ways to showcase a product or brand and even make sales . Using it during the 2018 elections can be a great step to becoming the president of Cameroon.  You can equally buy ad positions on blogs and websites like this one to get some eye balss on your party.

Writing content on blogs and website 
Content marketers can help you make a successful political career. All you have to do is to reach out to someone and share what you have for the people with them. They will decide to offer you a free or a paid option. Content is king when it comes to websites. There are some websites like Cameroon Online, Cameroon info, Baret Press, lccinfo ,ask Cameroon and others you can consult to
  Here are some topics you can use to gain popularity
''Is MR xxx fit for 2018 Cameroon presidential election?''
Please use your own name and not your rivals name.

'' Mr xxx work plan for 2018 election''

 What About VOD with Mobile TV?

Ok check out this: 

Here we go with the tips to get your part part of the digital world and the internet of all things. Othe digital products like  videos,e-books,white papers and e-news and othe should not be neglected. We are available to assist you if you don’t know how to go about it.
Is your part part of the android generation? If so how are you doing it?
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