Some years back when nexttel launched its 3G network in Cameroon subscribers cried out loud that the internet cost was too high.
  Everyday I keep checking out the famous internet access code for NEXTTEL *865# to see what the company is doing to satisfy clients.
Yesterday I found out that all hourly or daily internet bundle plans are billed at 1F per MB.  This is the cheapest mobile internet rate in Cameroon at the moment I am writing this post.
Let us compare the daily tatif of the top 3 telecom companies in Cameroon to support my point.

As you can see from the screen shot,with 50F subscribers will have 1MB and with 500F you will get 500 MB of internet(maximum dailay tarif).

There is no big change in the weekly tariff though.
    You can compare the rates by reading this post.
    Nexttel Internet Access Codes
At the moment 1024 MB is sold at 2000 FCFA.  This tariff is valid for 7days .with the daily plan 2000 FCFA will give you 2000 MB for 4 days.
The monthly tariff  plans are still competitive enough. Internet users can subscribe for a monthly internet bundle with as little as 4K CFA and maximum of 25 K for mobile internet.

 The social bundles are equally exciting with Whatsapp  and Facebook bundles at 150, 500 and 1500 valid for 1 day,1week and a month respectively.

  Hey a minute ,I think this comlnay has gone crazy get connected guys . why do I say so. We are now going below 1F per MB.There is a bundle called  "week end Bomber" which permits NEXTTEL subscribers to benefit from wonderful internet tariff plan. Let check out the rates
300 F=400MB(+100 MB)
500 F=600MB(+100 MB)
2000 F=4 GB(+ 2000 MB)
4000 F =9 GB(+5 GB)
*The values in brackets indicate the additional megabyte if we are setting the rate at 1F/MB. This tariff plan is available during the week ends. Hope you got it?
That is it for now with our post. 
There are are other exciting plans available with NEXTTEL Cameroon. What makes it exciting is that in most of the internet price plans,the subscriber gets an equivalent amount of airtime  to call.
This is someway means your internet is actually free. 
Why free?
Ok when I susbsribed to the monthly tariff at 4000 FCFA, I got 1536 MB of internet plus 4000 FCFa airtime for calls. What did I actually paid for? Internet or calls
So am rocking right now with NEXTTEL what about you?

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