Playing games online is one of the benefits of recent technology innovation.  Games are very important Games can occupy you during your free time, games can be used to gain skills, make a living among others.  
If you like playing games online, then I think it is time for you to know what to do to make your gaming experience rock.  Some game developers publish their games only on their websites while others publish theirs on the various gaming and app stores on the internet.  However it is thus important to know where to get something different. Here are some of the things you can consider to get the best games to play.  
Image from Flickr showing Video game map and Others.

Android Games
 Some games can be played on the android operating system.  Most people tend to play games downloaded from any android app store. Some of these games require you to be connected to the internet with your mobile phone in order to play.  With millions of games published. This gives a great place for you to get the best games. Some games like Fallout shelter, galaxy on fire, dead tiger, swordigo and others are among the games of 2016.

Iphone Games
  When it comes to smart phone operating systems, the talk of the day is Google    Android (1.4 billion plus users) versus Apple iOS owning about 98 percent of the smart phone market shares (source: apple app store is a great place to check out online games.  LOVE YOU TO BITS, limbo, ball pool, score hero and others are some of the top games that are worth checking.
    You can equally consider checking out windows and other smart phones to get the best games. 
Online Games on PC or Mobile phone.
Here I refer to games that you can play using your browser without any download. Mirror Isles, Frog fractions, Soccer physic are examples of games you can play online.   To get the best games and play online you have to make use of both mobile phones and computers.   Most mobile games today are in the form of apps. While enjoying games like pro evolution soccer on your pc or console, consider getting online to have some experience with games played with the browser. 

Games from Casino websites
Some casino websites allow you to play games and challenge an opponent .this at times require you to pay money or bet with an opponent. However, you can get test or demon to play some new games.  I came across this a online casino website   that allow users to play for fun. You can equally make use of such sites to increase your experience with games. On this site i have been able to play games like Age of the Gods slots, Age Ventura, Buffalo, Land of Gold and others.

Online Games From your country
At times we concentrate on the big names on the web forgetting about the ones from our countries. It is always good to encourage game developers in your country.  I will start by encouraging you to download this game form Cameroonians developers titled    ‘’legacy of Aurion’’ available at   KIROO GAMES.
 Permit me end here. Games that can be downloaded on pc and mobile phones still remain the most popular games.  Thus to make your game sell well as a developer, it is important to make your game available on both PC and mobile phones. That is sit when it comes to playing games online. 
                         Can you play your favorite game online? What is your favorite Online Game?

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  1. I like playing games on my tablet and Mobile phone. I prefer mobile phone games to computer games. I will try to have a taste of all the ways to play games online you have mentioned in this post. Thank you for the post. I am james a regular participant on your question and answer website.

    1. Thank you James for your comment too.


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