The university of Bamenda is one of the universities in Cameroon that is making use of computer technology by enbaling part of the admission process to be done online.Many students had contacted us asking how they can download the application form.  Our objectives is to get Cameroonians online and show them how to go about their online activities. This is why have made this post available on our website.

In this post we are going to see the entire requiremnts and procedure involve in   applying for admision into the university of Bamenda .

  What are the Faculties and Departments Available?

In order to begin your admission, you must decide on which department you are going to enroll in. The are  four main faculties at the moment that permits students can get admission into by applying
i. The faculty of Arts 
   The departments in this faculty includes;
 Communcation and Development studies ,  English Language, Literature and English,                      Geography and Planning, History and Archaelogy, Linguistic and African Studies,
Performingand Visual arts , Philosophy.
ii. The faculty of Economics and Management Science.
   Thre departments exist here namely: Accounting,Economics and Management.

iii.The faculty of law  and political science 
Here you can enroll in any of the following departments:
    Public Law,English private law and Political Science.

ii. The faculty of Science
     Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology, microbiology, Chemistry, Geology, Pure Mathematics, Mathematics(statistics) , Computer science and physics

Note that admission into the faculty of health,ENS Bambili, The College of Technolog ,the  Institute of Commerce and Management and  the Institute of Transport and logistics is through a competive entrance examination.

Note !: Every student is required to have a pass in English Language or  show proficiency in English.
 In addition to the above requirement, students seeking admission into the faculty of Faculty of Economics and Management must have a pass in O/L Mathematics or its equivalent.

What are the documents and other  requirements to get started?

With all this set, Rush to UBA a Bank and pay 12000 FCFA to the account number 10033 05204 0400 400 0051 58. Make sure you mentioned the university of Bamenda to the accountant to ensure everything is in order.

    If you are in the Faculty of Science then follow this post.

       Online Application into the Faculty of Science University of Bamenda
if you are not then continue reading ,

After the payments you can get the following documents ready
i.                   Medical Certificate
ii.                   Certified copy of birth certificate
iii.                  Certified copy of  certificates
iv.                 Application fee receipt( 12 000)
v.                   Four passport size photos
vi.                 A stamped A4 envelope
vii.                Application form.

   With this  you can deposit your file at any regional delegation or at the University campus in Bamenda.

 How can i get the apllication Form?

step1: visit visit 

step2: Select your Faculty


 stpe3:  Fill Your The Details requied

Once you have completed the form, download  and print it.
Put all the documents  in the A4 enevelope and deposit .
Good luck

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  1. when do registration for a postgraduate program will begin.
    In History to be specific

    1. Admission for post grduate programs are currently going on. But i am not sure there is a post graduate program in history as of now. There programs that you can do with a degree in history. Good luck


    1. Hi, Recommendation forms should be from your lectures or the university where you took your undergraduate studies.

  3. Hi! Do you offer PhD in International Relations? If yes, what are the requirements? God bless you!

  4. Is the university recognised in nigeria? Can when finish and go to law school in nigeria? How many years of study when coming as a direct entry

    1. Yes.Most students here study in Nigeria after 1st degree. Law program is 3 years. Write to for more info

  5. Pls Sir, is iub in partnership with Hill city uni'ersity, Cotonou, if true in what area?

  6. Hi,pls sir can i come to Uba level 2 in the faculty of economics and management when i started in a francophone university????thanks

  7. hello pls is it possible to go to level 2 in Uba in the faculty of econmics and management when you are from another university (francophone)

  8. This University is very good for those students who are interested in computer technology. One of my friend also interested to study in this university but he did not know how to apply. But I found it here all instructions to apply. Thanks for sharing this post.

  9. Hello!!! Please what is the procedure and requirements to get admission into the postgraduate program in HRM or an MBA in HRM in the the university of Bamenda. Thank you.


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