Students can apply for admission online  to get into the university of Bamenda after their GCE or degree. The university of Bamenda is an anglosaxon university  loacted in the city  of Bamenda. The main campus is found in Bambili with oter faculties located in strategic regions of the town.

Admissions into most of the professional programs are done through a competitive entrance examination . It is always advisable to look into the specific program you want to appy for . some require file study while others require you to do a pre exam . However all the procedure can be done online.

In the last post, we saw how to apply for admission into the university of Buea. If this is your first time on this post, then i will advice you to read this

How to Apply for Admision into The University of Buea

The plat form used for the the faculty of Science is different from the plat form used in the other faculties used in the university of Bamenda.   You can complete the entire registration process online with all your documents in the electronic format. This is different from the other faculties where we download the admission form and complete the registration offline.
 The faculty of Science in the university of Bamenda has the following departments available

 i.  Biochemistry,
ii. Botany,
iii. Zoology,
iv. microbiology,
v.  Chemistry,
vi. Geology,
vii.Pure Mathematics,
viii. Mathematics(statistics) ,
ix. Computer science
 x. physics

Choose three and note somewhere becausee you will need it in the application process which we are going to see below.

Go to ,ener your email to get started. and click on start.

step2: Click on Proceed as on the screen shot.
 Step 3:  Click on ''proceed'' on the next page and Fill in the form as required.
Make sure you select your first,second and third choice. This will increase your chances of getting  a place in the university of Bamenda.

Step4:  All documents to be uploaded should be in pdf form. Once everything is done. Click on submit and Print your Form by clicking Ctrl +P and selecting your printer.

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