Hello to all  would be and current adsense  publishers. It is very common to see many complaining about Google adsense approval.  this is because you did not make your blog ready for adsense  ads before applying.

 Adsense still remains one of the best ways to make conversions from your blog or website. Getting an adsense approval requires some patience and hard work on the path of the blogger.  If you start A blog on blogger with .blogspot.com domain, you can apply for adsense from your dash board. With such an account you share what you make from your blog with blogger.  If you want to take all the money, then consider getting a custom domain for your blog. 

 When you set a custom domain on your blog, you will not be able to have ad sense ads on your blog again. You will need to upgrade your account. This involves another application process.
Take 3 months and ensure your blog is up to date.  If you want to do it fast it might take you too long to get approved. I prefer to get approved in one-two weeks than get rejected all the time.
 This post is for those who have an adsense account on blogger and have purchase their domain or those who want to know more about adsense.

    Preparing for your Adsense application 

Here are things you should do to get yourself prepared.

Design  your blog blog
 Ensure you are satisfied with the design of your blog. If not I recommend you give it a better design. You can get your blog design at the cost of 30-100 USD depending on your demand. But we can keep it at 40 Us dollars.  Remember you also care about your audience; they should be satisfied with the look of your blog. In designing your blog try to include related post and other features that can cause a reader to stay on your blog for long. This is important as it can increase your earnings from ad sense too.

Improve on your content
   Ok, within a six month period you have to prove your worth as a blogger. Write 2+ articles per week and keep minimum length of 300 words. Its just my guide. But that is what worked for me.  Make sure your content is original and comply with Adsense policies. With this you are ready for the approval.

Create privacy policy
  The privacy of your blog readers is important.  Create a privacy policy for your blog disclosing everything you do on your blog for them to be ware. Mention the use of Google ads or adsense ads  in your privacy policy while waiting for the approval. Equally disclose the use of cookies. This is very important if you are in Europe as the European law requires every site to do this.  We can help you if you feel stucked. Ok?

   Add the about page which explains clearly what your blog or website is about and   give a brief of the activities you carry out. You can as well include a page for services.

Add a contact Us page
 Remember you are getting into partnership with one of the biggest companies in the world. They won’t publish ads on a blog where the audience doesn’t know how to get to you.
You contact us page should show a phone number, email and if possible a location.  It can equally be a simple form .This gives trust to your readers.
      So, after waiting for three months and have included everything that I’ve mentioned above, I think it is time for you to go get your account.

 But one more thing ; VERY IMPORTANT
    Get adsense code from youraccount and paste it in regions that can give you more views or enable many ad impressions. I recommend the side bar and inside post
 Now what are you still waiting for? You can now apply for adsense. Good luck.
share with us any challenges you have had in applying for adsense.
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