Hey guys, I’m back with a new shot. This is quite different from my usual stuff but at least kind of innovative.
You guys surely know about torrents. so some networks prohibit peer2peer functioning(utorrent,bittorent…).  Briefly, P2P is a kind of communication network in which all the parties involve can initiate communication. This is ‘’Decentralization in communication’’. Politicians should understand this more. It is  a great challenge when it comes to using this service on windows 1o or with the chrome browser.  OK, Let bus get to what have for you.   
     Today, we are going to do our downloads without using   the usual p2p clients but instead with Free Torrent to Direct Download Web Proxies using  ‘The Cloud’
In this tutorial we are going to use  ‘http://www.torrent2ddl.com’
-Totally free
-No Speed Limit Or Diversified Restrictions.
‘Contro’s (.torrent  downloads in general)
-Sometimes the bugs disturbs

In order to begin. Go to  http://www.torrent2ddl.com  and create an account.
After creating your account, here Is the Procedure to follow,

We Click On The Small +.
Then Here Its Little Bit Technical For Some.
We Can Simply Download the Torrent From Any Website N Then Browse To It In Your Computer.

Little Bonus Site:http://www.kat.ph

The We Submit and ‘’ Taaadaaahhhh!!!’’. Done!!!

Now we just click on the cloudy download sign, we’ll the be redirected to a new website for download ultra-speed.
The second method consists of copying the torrent magnet link.
Magnet links can help bittorent users to copy, paste or send links without the fear of the presence of corrupt files. With magnet links we don't need extra protection/guarding of our links.  Magnet links make use of trackers and indexers, which coordinate transfer of data and the collection of data
They just make life easier. If you are using magnet links, make always convert them to torrent files (.torrent). This is to ensure that your data can be fetched within the fastest possible time.  You can also save the torrent files on your computer if you want to download in a later time.
 This method is kind of complicated if you are a newbie. I will suggest you use the method described above.
There are many other websites, most of them ‘not free’.
 My favorite is
Here the limit is 1gb, no need for registration. So this can be done for non-bulky and kind of not complicated stuff to be done in a hurry.

So guys stay tuned for tips from my next episode
 Got to go play my neogeo lol. Yeah i know this is how i spend my x-mas
Merry x-mas to you guys.
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