Obviously, if you see the list of top 10 most downloaded applications, you will mainly come across game or entertainment related apps. Hence, to help you decide on the best apps which you must use in your business, below are some of the best business mobile apps for iPhone users.

                      Dragon Dictation

This is one such app that can transform your device into your personal assistant. Rather than typing your queries on the iPhone keyboard, all you need to do is dictate whatever you wish to type to the app & let it convert your speech to text. Dragon Dictation is presently available for free at the App Store market. You can use it for creating emails, various docs as well as text messages. There’s another app called Dragon Search which lets the user to get suitable answers to their queries almost instantly.


We all know how popular Evernote is among desktop users. Now, you can enjoy the same app right on your iPhone. All the things you capture through this app can be instantly accessed via a desktop or even a smartphone since this app immediately synchronizes your data to various devices. Evernote is a free app just like the first one.


With WebEx, you are able to enjoy all the feature of a conference call. You could use this application to attend conference calls from almost any part of the world where internet is accessible. In addition, you could also create presentations using the app.


Square is ideal app if run a medium sized business and want to accept payments via credit cards or direct cash in a secure manner. After every single transaction, Square automatically creates an SMS & email which contains all the information of the bought items. You can get this app for free from the App Store.


Most of the times, we tend to forget to send a major document or file from the office desktop to our iPhone. However, when you have LogMeIn on your iPhone, you are able to gain a remote access to your home/office desktop irrespective of your current location. In fact, once you start using this app, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting right inside your office/home. Also, the app can be used for troubleshoot certain problem on the computer of your friend. This is a paid app which you can purchase via the App Store.

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