Starting up as an affiliate is not a difficult task. It is very easy to set up a website and fine an affiliate opportunity to start with. The million dollar question is you able to make money from your website and this opportunity? There are some deadly mistakes most newbies make as they adventure into affiliate marketing. Here are some reasons why people don’t succeed as affiliate marketers.
    ==>Looking for affiliate opportunities that pay high Commission.
We understand that every affiliate marker wants to make money. But thinking you can make money from a high paying affiliate program is a ‘’virus’’ that can suck away the few francs in your pocket. It is not all about driving traffic. Does the program meet certain criteria? Are you able to receive payments in your country? These are the question you should answer before making your choice. Quality matters.
             ==> Affiliate programs that send training and offer courses via email
It is vital to understand the functioning of some businesses through trainings and courses. But that should not be the primary goal of a business that offers an affiliate program. These are not the best programs to deal with.  Some of such programs use this means to build their email list . So you have to choose a program that is interested in marketing but not in capturing leads. Your target as an affiliate is to build your audience and convert sell your products.
==.> Affiliate Programs with no support
Most of those who venture into affiliate marketing know little or no coding, developing banners and other online marketing tools to help in making conversions. So choose affiliate programs that pay you for referring others, provide banners , links and sometime a customize website like amazon.
==> Getting the a product that converts. This goes with the first point. You have to get into a program that have a product which is a proven seller. Get products that are easy to sell, not too expensive and you are sure your audience will be interested in.

Some affiliate marketers focus on the money and not the business. Your role is to promote the product as an affiliate and the money will be deposited into your bank account. But sometimes you calculate how much you will make and just sit back relaxing and hoping you will get conversion. So get to work, promote your links, build your list and make the money.
To your success

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