From summer to Christmas
Do you love technology? Show us what you got.
Write a tech article (You can write About Mobile phones, web development, SEO,Excel and any tech topic you can think of)
Receive at least 7 comments
Get selected in the runners up
Win 25 000 FCFA
Conditions to participate
Condition for participants
1.       Like our Facebook page
2.       Post your topic on our page for it to be approved.
3.     Write and submit by email to 
4.       Your article will be reviewed and published.

    Where will the prize be collected
At E-commerce Network secretariat  Bepanda
NB: For those who are out of Douala will get their prize through express union.
We will be including India in this years competition.   Payments will be done only through PayPal
Good Luck. All question regarding this challenge should be submitted on our facebook page
 Leave a comment if you have any other questions.
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  1. This is very wonderful. i will be submitting my articles soon. i could not find that page to submit

  2. My article had been submitted. Thanks for this competition

  3. Hey Admin We Need To Talk.

    1. Ok. I think that tag looks familIAR. All the same see you inbox

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