Very few Cameroon companies can really talk of an online presence despite the thousand of companies and small business that exist . Here are some reasons you should consider before starting up an online business..
1. Education
The first thing every company tries to do is to make clients to understand their objectives. It is almost impossible to reach out every client and give out information on your services/products . By constantly publishing informative and educational content on your website you can raise awareness regarding your product or service and convert casual visitors into paying customers and clients. A website will thus act as a means to  Educate prospective customers and clients.
2. Receive Clients all the time.
Your clients can visit your website all the time and buy/leave a message. They won’t be able to come and see you all the time.
3. Get online and offline clients
 Some people always search for products online to buy. So if you have a website, you sales will increase as you will be able to target clients in two ways

4. Business Credibility

Everyone likes to buy on the best companies. People nowadays consider your business great if they can get your email and website.  

5.  Save lots of money
The, major cost in a website is development cost. Once that is done, maintenance and update is very cheap. Also, with a website, you don’t need to print thousands of brochures for your customers get.
6.  Winning the Market from the Big Companies
Imagine you want to get into business, but don’t know how to compete with all the big names out there. With a website that is able to attract visitors, you will end up being the big name.
 7.  Earning from your website
With a good website, you can make a good amount of money through traffic exchange and advertisement. For example if you sell electronics, you can accept to advertise websites or businesses involve in selling food stuff and others. Think of it.

8. Understanding your client’s behavior and needs.

With a websites, customers will leave feedback and messages which you can use to improve on your product or service. Website with analytic features will enable companies to target a specific market. Short surveys can also be run to improve on customer service and others. This cannot be easily achieved offline.
For more about analytic software, check out
9. Your business everywhere.
Think of your website being accessed on mobile phones, tablets and computers. No matter the schedule of a clients, he or she will be able to do his transaction on your website without necessarily coming to your company.
1 0    It’s easy and cheap to change company information and marketing material on your website.
. It’s much cheaper, easier, and faster to change all this information online. It is not the same if you try to do this may be in a store or supermarket. Changing information physically is more expensive than doing it on your website.
   This post is also availble on Ngondo Pages.  Think of starting a website if you are not having one.

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