Thinking of buying another modem? Try teathering with your Android Phone
        Somedays back, i posted a post of how to crack an internt modem. I received a lot of messages concerning the success of the tutorials, however, some members said it did not work  for them. I will share with you how you can use your mobile internet on Pc.
Go to the menu of your phone

Step two
Select settings and click on more
Step three
Click on Tethering and Portable hotspot.
Step Four
select portable wi-fi Hotspot
Step 5
Lastly click on set up and enter a suitable name for your wi-fi hotspot such as rnet2015 as seen on the screenshot.
Select the security type such as WPA2 PSK. 

Save the settings and search your new wifi-hotspot on your Computer. Happy Tethering

NB: Screenshots are typical of Sony Xperia.
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