Ten Reasons to do your shopping on Jumia  (Jumia Cameroon Available)
Jumia is an international online retailing company founded in 2012 in  Lagos, Nigeria has gain international recognition with warehouses in over ten countries . Here are ten reasons (TR) to shop on Jumia
TR1.  Payment on Delivery
 Shop on Jumia because you have the choice to pay upon receiving your products.  Jumia offers payment on delivery services. You can also pay before delivery using the most popular e-payment in Cameroon (Mobile money).
TR2.    Trusted Sellers and Quality Products
Jumia has a variety of trusted sellers such as MTN, Huawei, itel and more that are willing to  offer you  best products . Thus with jumia, Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. ’’ No muss , no fuss, super convenience  guaranteed’’ Jumia.
TR3.    Online  Experience.
Jumia is a company worth trusting to do your shopping because it is located in other countries across Africa. Remember Jumia belongs to the African Internet holding whose aim is to support the African online culture. Again you have to work with the person who is to support you when you are in need. Thus,  a good reason to shop on Jumia.
TR4. Working in other African Countries
People from other countries are shopping on Jumia. Jumia is not a Cameroon thing. It is something that Africa should experience and enjoy.    Jumia is also available in some countries such as Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, UK, Nigeria, Ghana and more to come.  This again is another reason for you to shop on Jumia.  Hey be the first in your area to use the international online retailing company.
TR5  : Variety of products at Every price you can Imagine
Jumia is a shop for all. Everyone can shop on Jumia. Jumia got products at all prizes.  It’s an international company and welcomes everyone. No class distinction. Every customer is given the same treatments.   One important reason for you to visit Jumia.
TR6. Networking with other Online Ventures
Jumia as mention earlier is an online retailer ready to deliver products at your door step. Because Jumia can offer you with all you want online. Once you are on the Jumia website, you won’t return the same, you will always need to say ‘’thank you Jumia’’. Jumia network with ventures like
Jovago.com for online booking,  Hellofood , carmudi.cm for car deals, lamudi.cm for real estates  and more. Jumia is not a ‘’we can do all market place’’. It’s a ‘’we offer the best shop’’. That is why they network with these companies to ensure your online search was satisfactory. Enjoy Jumia.
TR7. Easy to shop
Shopping in Jumia  is a three step matter. Go to jumia.cm and;
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"Step1Select a product,                                                                                                    "step2:Register and confirm you order                                                                                        "Step3:Get you product delivered in your home or office across the country.
Isn’t that easy? Get starts with Jumia.
TR8User friendly website
You don’t need to be a computer expert to shop on Jumia.   Once you get to the Jumia website it’s like you are actually in a retailing shop.  Jumia got a user friendly website with products displayed in various categories such as; Women's Fashion. Men's Fashion, Kids Fashion, Mobile Phones, Computing, Tablets & Accessories, TV, Photo & Audio, Home & Living Games & Consoles,     Beauty & Perfumes ,Wine & Spirits ,Books  and more
This allows you to select your products with ease and register for delivery in one minute.
TR9 :  Return Products
With Jumia, you can return a product within 7days after delivery.  This implies that, if you buy a product and does not feel satisfied with it you can return it to Jumia. This is one of its kinds, as most online retailers just want the cash into their accounts. Now you got an online retailer that care about your satisfaction. A big reason to shop on Jumia
T10.  African Number one
Jumia is the best online retailing company that sell products, care about their customers, offer personal service, have comprehensive workers, quality services and others up to a thousand
Shop on the number African online market, be the first and enjoy being the first. Always be the first.
  I have to come to point number ten. There are several other reasons to experience online shopping with Jumia.  To know other reason by yourself, Visit
 www.jumia.cm   to get started.

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