What to do after unlocking your Huawei modem

Congratulations for unlocking your Huawei  modem. Now you need just a little time to set up a profile and start using your unlocked modem. After cracking, you need to set up a profile for your new network.
Again, Go to
 Tools -----à  Options -----à  Profile management
The settings will depend on the newtwork you want to use.
Profile name: MTN Cameroon                                                                                          Apn:mtnwap                                                                                          Access number : *99#                                                                             User name : mtnuser                                                                Password: mtnuser
For Orange
Profile name: Orange Cameroon
 Apn :orangecm
Access number : *99#
User name : orange

         For Nexttel
Profile name: Nexttel
 Apn :nexttelcm
Access number : *99#
User name : nexttel

Happy cracking

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