Everywhere in the streets of Douala is red with nexttel adverts. You might  have come across the words ‘’ The first 3G network in Cameroon’’. Alright that should not call for excitement. The 3G network came and met a 4Gnetwork too(YooMee). Alright what does this mean?
We will examine the various networks from 1G to 4g for now. The in 2G, 3G ,4G stands for generation.  The higher the number before the G, the higher the strength to transmit information over a network. In this post we are going to answer the quetion
what is the Difference between 3G and 4G?  what is the different between 2G and 3G ?  We will begin with a 1G network.

1G Network:
  1G stands for the first generation of mobile networks. This is a network where signals are transmitted in ‘Analogue’ form. Such a network can be use within a particular Geographical area to make calls and also send text messages. Such networks are characterised with poor sound quality. The worst thing about a 1G network is the insecurity because information transmitted is not encrypted.
2G network
2G signifies second generation wireless digital technology. The 2G network represents the second generation of mobile networks. 2G  the first digital network . 2G networks uses different standards of transmission such as GSM, CDMAOne, D-AMPS   and ERMES , The most popular among this standard is the Global system for mobile (GSM) . The system uses the subscriber identity module(SIM) to identify  clients and pay bills . It also help to encrypt the digital information transmitted. This network has an upper hand over the 1G networks because, they can be transmitted over a long range and access within multiple geographical areas. This network allows roaming.
OK we might expect that after 2G should be the 3G networks. It was not the case, there came a moment when the phones we sleeker and more portable. This generation is referred to as the 2.5G . This is the generation where wireless networks were introduced.
The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)   service came into operation where internet could be accessed on mobile phones, email sent and received.        It is also in this  generation of network that  increased speed could  enjoyed to about  384kbit/s by using EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution)
3G Network
3G (Third Generation) networks coincidentally were introduced in 2003. The speed of data transmission on a 3G network ranges between 384kb/s to 2MB/s .It is the best network to use for those who wish to be constantly connected to the internet. Nexttel is the first company to offer such a service in Cameroon. This generation enhance a lot of quality in data transmission as such will experience a slight increase in cost of service.

4G technology refers to the fourth generation of mobile phone communication standards. According to www.4gamericas.org ,
The ITU has developed requirements for a technology to be considered IMT-Advanced, which is the next-generation wireless technology. An IMT-Advanced cellular system must fulfill the following requirements. 
  • Based on an all-IP packet switched network
  • Peak data rates of up to approximately 100 Mbit/s for high mobility such as mobile access and up to approximately 1 Gbps for low mobility such as nomadic/local wireless access, according to the ITU requirements
  • Dynamically share and use the network resources to support more simultaneous users per cell
  • Scalable channel bandwidth 5–20 MHz, optionally up to 40 MHz
  • Peak link spectral efficiency of 15 bit/s/Hz in the downlink, and 6.75 bit/s/Hz in the uplink (meaning that 1 Gbps in the downlink should be possible over less than 67 MHz bandwidth)
  • System spectral efficiency of up to 3 bit/s/Hz/cell in the downlink and 2.25 bit/s/Hz/cell for indoor usage
  • Smooth handovers across heterogeneous networks
  • Ability to offer high quality of service for next generation multimedia support 
The 4the Generation is  still in development. Probably we should be expecting the 4.5 or 5th generation.
The First 3G network in Cameroon launched on the 12th of September 2014.
YooMee is the first 4G network in Cameroon.

3.     http://www.4gamericas.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&sectionid=361
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  1. in how many towns can one find 3G coverage?

  2. How many cities in cameroon now have 3G coverage

    1. To the best of my knowledge. 3G coverage is in all the ten regions of Cameroon. Recently, MTN and Orange upgraded and Camtel will soon join. So 3G will be something cool. Thanks to Nexttel for coming.

  3. The best explanation about the 2G and 3G which could be very helpful to know its theme. Thank you very much for the sharing.

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