As it is known, to be a man is not a day’s job.   Most of those who start an online business always expect profits to start running into their accounts. This is the major problem face by online entrepreneurs. Making money online is not too difficult or too easy. It all depends on your strategy and main objective in making cash. You might be hoping to make money on your Amazon store, eBay store, on your blog, flipping domains or any other business you intend to do online.  Believe me sometimes it is very frustrating   when you keep expecting the money than doing the work. There are several challenges that can make your idea of making money online a nightmare. Among several questions, these are the most common questions people ask me:
Where do I get the right information?
How do I drive traffic?
Which is the best method to advertise; free or paid?
Which are the best paying ad sites?
How will I convert leads into clients?
And lastly how do I convert affiliate leads into sales?
If you keep asking any of the questions above, then you are being faced with any of the following challenges;
1.     Too much Information
Just type    ‘’Making money Online’’ on Google and see how many pages will be displayed. This is a   challenge to most newbie.  We tend to think that the sites that show on the first page or at the top are the best. Well it might be on top just because the owners are good is SEO. So how does is this a challenge?  When sssssssssreaders visit a site for the first time which ‘’preaches ‘’ about making millions over night. They turn to believe it will work for them without actually searching what it takes to do what those testifying had done to make the millions. As such readers turn to think of making the money and not what it takes to make the money. To prevent this challenge, it is better for you as a newbie to take some time (about 3months) doing some research on the various ways to make money as well as what it takes to make money. With this you can truly decide on which business you will engage in, knowing the ups and downs of that business.
2.     Scammers versus Experts
In pursuit for information, you might fall into the hands of a scammer who will make you think you can be a billionaire overnight. You might also get into the hands of an expert who will lead you through to your dream of making money online. The challenge comes in based on the fact that it is not very easy to differentiate who is who in the online world. There is no clear solution to this, it all depend on how motivated you are in your make money dream.

3.     Driving Traffic:
This is the challenge faced by those who want to promote their website, blogs or affiliate links. As a blog owner you must have ask the question; how can i drive traffic to my blog?. Well several sites will give you information like; commenting on related blogs, forums, creating a face book page, and more. Sometime it might work but i will like to let you know it does not work for a majority.  The two best ways to get traffic is either
-By promoting your blog to a pay per click programs like Google ad words, chitika ads etc. Sometimes it might not work too.
-By writing natural content. Billions of people are always in search of information on the internet. Think of it when a visitor feels a hundred percent satisfied after visiting your blog. He will share the information or recommend the site to others who are in need of such information. This is a step that will keep traffic growing on your blog.
Another problem to driving traffic is time. Most of those who want to start a blog already have an offline job.  As such there are spending little time on their blog. You just need to spend more time on your blog if you are in a traffic building phase of your blog or website. In a nutshell, I think getting traffic depends on what you want to promote .It is left for the individual to decide on which method of traffic to use.
4.     Converting Traffic :
. Getting traffic to your website or affiliate link does not mean making money. Some people always feel frustrated when there are getting traffic but can’t make the millions.  After getting traffic you will probably get blog subscribers which you can then convert them into clients.  Commerce on every blog should be integrated naturally and unobtrusively. Beware that in your attempt to make money from your readers, you might end up losing them.                                  This is also a challenge. You need to know what these visitors are always reading about and what their needs are. With this you can either do a redesign of your blog or change your niche to satisfy your clients. Remember you have to write about what your clients want not what you like. It is a similar challenge faced when we want to convert affiliate traffic into sales.
If you are thinking of making money online then, think of where to get the right information, how to get traffic, how to convert your leads to clients who will make your bank account juicy.  Making money online entails a lot of hard work and perseverance. I will like you to share your own personal challenge with me and other readers. Thanks

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