Numbers In Cameroon had shift from 8digits to 9digits. All mobile numbers (MTN ORANGE.CAMTEL.NEXXTEL)  now start with 6 while fixed phone numbers start with 2.
The following are some apps that will update your contacts from 8 to 9 digits. It is not an easy task updating manually. I have found some Apps that can help you do the job.
                                                              1.       MTN My Contact Update App
updating Numbers in Cameroon

This app can, do the following  after dowload.

-Automatically detects the numbers to change
- Automatically  assign  prefixes based on the number (MTNC Orange Nexttel)
- Conversion of the contact directory.
- Cancellation of changes if necessary
       The app updates all numbers be it Camtel or any other network. 

                                                   2. WasaFix APP.

What makes this app interesting is that  it is the only app  that  works with  Blackberry, Android, J2Me and iOS.
 The following will help you update your contacts with WasaFix app.
. Download here or get it via bluetooth
2. Find where wasaFIX is located and select to install
3. Run wasaFIX; Go to application, Java or Games folder and start/launch wasaFIX
Activate wasaFIX and Convert all contacts

                          Those are the two apps i had used personally.  I also found the following apps on Google play store that can convert your phone numbers to the new numbering system. 

                                                3.   Orange 8 to 9 App

App Developed by Orange Cameroon SA. 

                                                    4. ENUMA  App

Cover art


                                       5. Dial 237 - Cameroon App

                                       6. Contacts Converter CMR App


Cover art

                                         7.  Ajouter 2App

Cover art

                                                         8.        8 to9 Renumbering CMR
Cover art

                                                9.    8 to 9 App

Cover art

                                                  10.  Mobile Cameroon 8to9
Cover art
I will end this post with a big  Thank You to all those who thought  developing app to facilitate number update. I could not get all the apps. Just leave a comment if you have used another app . To see all the apps above just visit    

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