Taking the Cameroon Mobile Market to another Level

 HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd is a leading Chinese phone manufacturing company that has gain a lot of recognition in Cameroon. Huawei stands to win the Cameroon mobile market with its variety of products. Huawei is among the top three manufactures and suppliers of ICT solutions in the world. What is the place of Huawei in Cameroon today?
In 2006, the presence of Huawei was felt in Cameroon with the introduction of the CT Phone. Thanks to the Cameroon mobile operator CamTel . CT phones are being used by many today in Cameroon.
Later with the increasing need for mobile internet in Cameroon Huwei played an important role in providing the solution to this problem.  I remember when Motorola L6 was the only mobile device which one can use to access internet on a computer. Huawei introduced the Mobile internet key which i first noticed with MTN Cameroon. With this key you can use the internet anywhere, so far as there is network coverage. Today, the mobile internet keys are being used by every internet provider (MTN,Orange,Sns mobility,Yomee etc). 
Using the mobile internet key was another challenge since many complained it was too slow. Huwei in collaboration with internet providers has develope some strategies to improve this problem of slow mobile internet.
For example, production of Portable modems such as the MTN Xtra Surf key known in some quarters in Douala and Yaounde; The Yomee Mifi which provide wireless internet; The Camtel Fako just to name but few. I believe more is being done to give the best solution to Cameroonians.
We are not done yet. Hauwei recently opened its first store in the Cameroonian territory precisely in Douala. The store will market Huawei products. This store also has as one of its objectives to promote the marketing of smart phones in Cameroon. 
Huawei products are also available in electronic shops and at the service centers of mobile phone operators companies such as Camtel,Orange and MTN .
It is worth noting that Huawei contributed in laying the 6,000km optical fiber available in Cameroon today. A project which has place Camtel as the number one internet provider in Cameroon.
The achievements of this company in Cameroon are so great.  More is being done to foster the use of ICT products in Cameroon. For the moment, Huawei stands at the number one position to do so. We hope for a bright future in Cameroons ICT growth.

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