Widows 8 has come with some innovations which were not common in the other versions of windows. working with windows 8 computer is as simple as working with the earlier versions of winndows.
The following steps  will permit you access  '' All Programs '' which is common in all operating systems. 
1.When you power on you PC you will see the following.

Start Menu of for a windows 8 computer

OR If you are working on your Pc say you are typing, You can click on the window logo to have the same screen display as above.

2. Hoover the mouse to the bottom right of your screen  to have an arrow pointing down as displayed
on the screen shot above.
3.  Click on the arrow and thats it.

Programs displayed on a windows 8 computer.

You will be taken to the list of programs displayed as apps. Click on which ever program you want to work on.
NB:   Not that you can scroll left or  right to view other programs

NB; To go to a particular itme, you can use the search option when step one is displayeds.sss
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