Money can be made online legally.No to Scamming. 

                                           ''Think big grow big''




       It still seem impossible to make money online to some African youths. That is why they still engage themselves in scamming.  Scamming can never make you a happy man. You will end up running around  or in jail like these Cameroonians.   List of Cameroonian Scammers  . In Africa we can talk of the Nigerian 419 scamming which is very popular.

    The most interesting thing about those engaged is that they really have wisdom. However it is abused. What you reap is what you shall harvest.There is the beginning and end for everything. Riches are only earn through believes and hard work. Any illegal method will put you in jail and finally in hell.

     The good news is it is very possible to become an online earner. There are thousand of businesses online that everyone can start even for free. All you need is internet connection. Every idea you have can be marketed to the millions of internet users per day. All along people have been asking me while i love being online.The response is i want to disproof scammers. No one got rich overnight.To get riches you need to have a plan to achieve the riches.

Here are some cool steps to make money online for starters, They a are other businesses that will require start up capitals.

1. Affiliate Marketing

You can sell online even without having products. They are hundreds of online stores such as amazon, ebay, lazoto and thousands of others that have products . You can sign in into any of theses sites and start marketing their products while receiving commissions. You can also search for affilaite programs using a search engine such as google.

2.  Writing ReviewS

you can also write reviews about new products on websites while earning some cash.

3. Answering Question

You can make money anwsering questions on sites  such as

4. Blogging

Do you have something in life that you like writing about? Then this will be good for you. Look for a unique content and let the world know about it. With a blog you can offer  a space for advertisers and publish adds or affiliate link and banners too.There are several other ways to earn with your blog.

5. Developing apps.

if you are creative, then you can develop apps and games and sell on Google play or any other app market.

   These are just the basics of internet marketing.  More is still to come.

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