What is Christmas?
This is a question that is not really easy to answer.
I was born and made to know that the birth of Our lord Jesus Christ is celebrated on the 25th of December  every  year. I also learned that the 1st month of the year is January and the last month is January . This is what I believe and had been celebrating up to date.
What others say.
By reading and research I have found a good number of calendars such as the Gregorian calendar, Arabic calendar, Greek calendar  just the name but few. I got to learn about dates like shilo. Nissan etc. S
Celebration of Christmas.
In the real sense, Christmas should be celebrated by Christians since they are he followers of Christ.
Wow, I just cant tell you what I saw I heard in Bonamoussadi, Douala yesterday 24the December 2013. This moslem guy was talking just about the number of beers he is going to drink. He told me he drinks during Christmas more than their feast days.
Most churches usually hold a church service in the evening which extends to 12 mid night. During this service, messages are being shared , Christmas songs are being sung, sketches  and dramas are being exhibited to illustrate the birth of Christ. After this there is a great feat day come 25th during which there is a great deal of activities including all of the activities above. However most services starts from 6 am to  about  1 am depending on the church concern.The day in most  churches ends up with celebrations and songs of rejoices for the birth of Christ. At home is the final show, dishes of variety,musics of different genres, dresses, gift etc.
What others say and how others celebrate Christmas.
An uncle of mind gave a book which I read. I will not like to quote the book here. If you are interested you can write to ransbiz@live.com for the book title.In this bohttp://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=1657729962062418429#editor/target=post;postID=8139946275780553353;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=linkok I read that Christ was not born on the 25th of December. They author also said that the year does not start in January. All this were his reasons for not celebrating Christmas and New Year.
     To  others who love feasting Christmas is the period  to drink crates of beer, take their girl friends out  for fun, get drunk.
Christians believe Christ was born during Christmas. About 80 percent of Christians celebrate Christmas . while about 50 percent of non Christians celebrate Christmas. My question is why is it that 100 percent of Christians don’t celebrate Christmas and new year.
I will like to know what you think about Christmas too. Leave a comment. 



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